Eating Well


What is eating well all about?

It is different things to different people.

For some it means having a good appetite

For some it is low fat and salads

Or maybe to some it means eating what the rich can afford

Or eating cream cake ice cream and doughnuts.

For some it is a family feast or having friends around with plenty to eat and to spare.

Some regard eating well as keeping to the government guidelines

Sadly for may it means having enough money to buy a bowl of rice.

Does it mean any of these to you?  Or maybe it means plenty of meat or plenty of vegetables or fine dining.

what ever it means to you, surely it boils down to this.......... that what ever else it might mean ...............

......Eating well is all about eating real food

broad beans

Real food.  It's what it says on the tin.  Quite literally.

This is not about healthy eating, although it very likely is the healthiest way you can eat.  It is not about eating low fat, or high fat, fast food or slow food.

It isn't about vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or omnivore or even om-nom-nom-nivore.

It's not about Halal or feasts.

It's not about what the government or eminent doctors recommend.

All the above may well be valid, but let's be honest.  We are all totally confused.  There is totally too much information and too much science for the everyday person to take in.

This is about getting back to the roots of eating and why we eat.

I am not a scientist.  I am not a doctor.  I am not a nutritionist.  I have no qualifications.

chicken and eggs

What I have is a desire to feed my body real food.  The stuff that comes out of the ground and out of the rain and out of the sun.

It is a vehement NO (but admittedly often the temptation can be too great to resist - see the cram circuit if you're having trouble with that) to the poor subsititutes for food and food like products that fill our supermarkets for no other reason than to fill our bodies with stuff that makes the makers of them rich.

There is a battle going on in our food shops.  A battle between companies to produce the product which will tempt us the most into parting with our cash.  They will use all legal means to do this.

Is it time to start another battle? 

Pass on the message

Whether you are at the extreme of the eating real food spectrum - living in a cave catching rabbits to eat with leaves and wild berries, or at the other end - buying a bottle of pasta sauce,  adding it to a bowl of cooked dried pasta and grating some cheese over it instead of buying your usual ready meal (you've made the first step)

This is a campaign for real food 

It is also not about changing overnight, or about never ever eating another cake again.

It's not about having a set of rules for people to follow, but rather a direction in which to travel.  Some will never move.  They're not interested in where their food comes from or what it consists of.  Some will get further than others.

It is about having real food available in our supermarkets.  It's about aiming for eating less food that has been tampered with and more that is straight from the earth.

Eating well to me should be a path towards eating what nature has provided and tampering with it as little as possible - nothing added, nothing taken away, nothing reformed or modified - but  on the way stopping, just occasionally,  for an ice cream, a macdonalds, a gooey chocolate cake or a birthday buffet, because we are human.

And if you are struggling, as most of us are, to eat healthily.  If you have tried and tried but keep reverting back to junk, maybe you are stuck in 'the Pleasure Trap and need to escape





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