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This website is for you.  but out of courtesy - a little about myself

I've no formal qualifications - not in science, nutrition, health or anything else similar.  So everything on this website is based purely on my opinions, passions,  thoughts, personal experiences and all the odds'n'sods I've learned over the years, plus things I've heard about or would like to see happen.

I'm passionate about real food, but not obsessed. My aim is towards unprocessed, unrefined preferably organically grown and produced food, mostly plant based, but I do eat ice cream and chocolate too, because I'm human.  I don't necessarily always practise what I preach, but I certainly would like to be able to.  It would be perfect to have the discipline to eat nothing but the real thing all the time, but there is also a need for sanity in this modern plastic world.  So like most humans, I do succumb to foody indulgences to some degree.

But I do think we've lost our way along the line somewhere.  I was fortunate enough to be born when people still made their own meals.  The idea of a bag of mixed salad, a tiny pot of jelly for one person, sliced lemon in a jar, ready made bottled sauces..... people would have laughed you to scorn at the idea - how lazy, and what a waste of money.

Everything now is ready sliced, ready mixed ready grated, which is fine in and of itself (except for the extra packaging often involved) but it leads to people totally relying on convenience food - which in turn can lead to unhealthy ingredients and even food manufactured to be hyper-palatable leading to overeating, obesity and risks from added ingredients that you you wouldn't find in your own store cupboard.

We've got a younger generation now who think food is stuff in plastic packets, made in factories not stuff that comes out of the ground.

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I'm also not so naïve to think that everything that is natural is good, or that everything that is artificial is bad.  For example, how many people have been made very ill, or even died from eating the wrong plants?  And how many have been saved by ingesting modern medicines?  You have to keep an open mind and keep a balance.

Yes, sometimes you have to prioritise.  After all, when your gorgeous grandson presents you proudly with something like this........

............. how can you possibly say "Sorry, I'm not eating that crap"?  Instead you eat it, enjoy it and tell him the truth, that it is almost as magnificent as he is.

And yes that is me, Shirley, in the photo, those were my ducks (until a fox killed them) and these are some of the rather pathetic but totally delicious vegetables I try to grow.

Over to you

Are you at all passionate for food too?  In some way?  It would be great to hear your thoughts, see your photographs, try out your recipes.  If you are, let's hear your enthusiasm, listen to your opinions and broadcast your voice for  you.

Let's share our passions and our concerns with the world

Maybe we could even start a revolution by voting with our feet in our modern supermarkets selling their modern substitutes for real food. 

If you would like to comment or even write your own page for this website please feel free to use the forms which can be found at the bottom of every page of this site.

And thankyou for coming but don't just sit there reading -please feel free to join in.





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Please remember that the author of this website is not a professional.  All statements are opinions and not to be taken as advice.

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet"  Abraham Lincoln

Much of the information on this website is either "googled" or out of the author's head and therefore not to be taken as advice.

It's all about food and food for thought, so trust your gut instinct and get some professional advice on diet if you think you need it

Note also that some links may lead to websites where I may gain a few measly pennies, at no extra cost to yourself, if you respond to them.  This helps me to recoup some of the cost of running this website. 

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