Almond and Berry Baked Oats

For almond and berry baked oats, use whatever berries you like or can obtain.  Blackberries work well as in the photo, as will strawberries, cherries and blackcurrants.  You may find that raspberries will turn a bit too mushy.

So simple - mix the ingredients (listed below) and scrape into wee ovenproof dishes

Then dot with frozen fruit - absolutely no need to defrost them

Yes that's a guitar in my baked oats

As an experiment I microwaved a portion to see how it went in there - but it turned out just like porridge and the blackberries turned mushy (but still very edible)

So don't try this in the microwave oven unless you just want porridge with mushy fruit

Below is my original post for Almond and Berry Baked Oats for 2, Instructions

Inspired by this recipe


80g porridge oats

20g ground almonds

70g plain yoghurt

170ml milk or 'plant milk'

2 tablespoons of syrup, honey or maple syrup

8 large berries such as blackberries (or approximate equivalent of small berries)

Mix everything together except the berries, pile into an ovenproof container and spread the mixture out evenly.  

Alternatively use individual dishes

bake at around 180oC for 20minutes

Try topped with fruit sauce if you like



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