Almond and Cherry Baked Oats


At last Ive made almond and cherry baked oats myself - wish Id done it earlier, this is a game changer for a posh holiday breakfast -one year since I first published this page and it really is very nice.

But to be honest I couldn't get hold of all the ingredients shown, so used what I had in the kitchen and freezer which was water instead of almond milk and frozen balckberries instead of cherries, and it was still delicious.

baked oats - porridge

So simple - mix the ingredients and scrape into wee ovenproof dishes

baked oats - porridge
baked oats - porridge

Then dot with frozen fruit - absolutely no need to defrost them

baked oats - porridge

Yes that's a guitar in my baked oats

baked oats - porridge

As an experiment I microwaved a portion to see how it went in there - but it turned out just like porridge and the blackberries turned mushy (but still very edible)

So don't try this in the microwave oven unless you just want porridge with mushy fruit

microwaved porridge with fruit

Below is my original post for Almond and Cherry Baked Oats with a link to the original recipe

This is a vegan recipe for almond and cherry baked oats which I printed out and photographed for you but you will be much better going to the original webpage which can be found here >>>>> Almond and cherry baked oats recipe

Instructions for Almond and Cherry Baked Oats

80g porridge oats

2 tbspn ground flax seeds (linseed)

20g ground almonds

170ml unsweetened almond drink

1/2 tsp almond extract (optional)

100g frozen or tinned pitted cherries

2tbsp maple syrup

At this point in time (14th February 2020 - ooh gosh its valentines day) I haven't made them myself yet, but I fully intend to and will update with some photos when I do.

Meanwhile, I am sure you are sensible enough to realise that there are alternative ingredients you could use both as an experiment and also if the above ingredients are not available or suitable to your own taste

For instance you could try using fresh cherries and see what happens, other berries or chopped apple.

Try a different plant based milk or a different syrup, and even a different type of ground nut to get a different flavour

And if you have come across this and are not vegan you have the option of using honey and real milk but see that you use the kindest products you can find such as organic free range milk from high welfare grass fed cows

basically I think all that means mix it all up and add the cherries then bake at 180 degrees

Looks like its easy and fun to make and eat to me

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