Banana Ice Cream

Banana ice cream is a real game changer if you're looking for a healthy treat and have a sweet tooth

No need to add sugar, plant or animal milk, cream fat or sugar.

In fact, if all you have is a banana, that's all you need - although there is plenty of other healthy stuff you can add for variation or to make an ice cream sundae if you wnat to

However - for health reasons I think you should still regard this as a treat.  Bananas do have a high sugar content and its much easier to eat more bananas than you normally would be able to in this form - so keep your portion small

How to make banana ice cream

Choose the ripest banana you have.  The more ripe it is, the sweeter  your ice cream will be

Slice it and freeze in a single layer.  After a hour or so it should be frozen enough to use - best not to be too solid

You can add some flavouring if you wish but it's not necessary to make delicious banana ice cream

It's probably more convenient to use a stick blender - especially if you are blending only one banana

Blend in bursts - you will have to take the bananas from the sides using a teaspoon and pile them up on top between each burst

Your ice cream is now ready and can be eaten straight away.  However it will likely be very soft so you can return it to the freezer for a short while to make it more firm

Other flavours

Your banana ice cream will be absolutely delicious just as it is - but there's so much more you can do with it.

Remember that of course there will always be an underlying banana flavour, but you can add quite a variety of other fruits, powders etc for extra colour and flavour

Fruit can be added fresh or frozen before blending - powders are best added after blending.

Larger fruits are best chopped first for obvious reasons

Below are just a few examples - but you can experiment with other fruits powders and natural essences such as matcha, mint, raspberry etc

Chocolate banana Ice Cream

My favourite

A heaped teaspoon of pure cocoa powder (try to avoid drinking chocolate powder as it has other ingredients including sugar) added after blending the banana gives a luscious chocolate hit for chocoholics without the pitfall of eating a fat and sugar laden chocolate bar.  Besides which chocolate and banana go really well together

By the time the cocoa is mixed in, your choco banana ice cream will be quite soft - but still tasty.  If you can survive the temptation of eating it imediately then and there, just pop it back in the freezer to harden up and it will look more like this...........

Strawberry banana ice cream

Easy peasy - just add some strawberries to the blend.  Frozen or fresh

If your strawberries are frozen, chop them up a little first so as not to stress the stick blender

Youve got to taste this to believe just how good it really is - and what a gorgeous colour!

Banana blueberry ice cream

just a small handful of blueberries (bilberries) makes this delicious variation

and blend them together as usual

It's quite difficult to blend small quantities, so to make it easier just do short blasts with the stick blender and pile the mixture up again in between

Peach and plum

This is a flavour I tried just because I had a peach and a plum beginning to get too ripe to eat.  It was very nice - but must say wasn't my favourite as the flavours were swamped by the banana

Re - freezing your banana ice cream - - -

- - - - is a good idea once youve just made it (not if it has defrosted).  Because it may be too soft by the time you've done - if you can wait that long!

Banana ice cream sundae

And with all these delicious flavours and colours it would be so easy to make an impressive ice cream sundae

But remember - theres still a lot of sugar in this ice cream even if it is all natural - so keep your portion size to roughly the amount of fruit you could mangae to eat if it hadn't first been blended

Now go and enjoy your healthy treat

You can also add a fruit or chocolate sauce for a topping



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