Beef Broth

Making beef broth is really simple. 

You only need a small amount of meat.  Simply put, it is a rather watery soup with plenty of flavour

Suggested ingredients for beef broth

50g minced beef (ground beef)

1 onion

50g mushrooms

150g carrots

1 stick of celery

50g broccoli

A small handful of pearl barley

1 litre of water

1 (or more) stock cubes


Just chop it up and throw it in a pan to simmer - simple!

Add a chopped clove of garlic if you like and some twists of pepper.

If you are going to add broccoli, I would suggest chopping it up quite small.

The soup is ready once the vegetables are soft and the barley is cooked.

If you want it to be healthier and lower fat you will have to let it cool so that you can skim the fat off the top

Nice in a mug with crumpets, toast or crusty bread for dipping


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More recipes for beef broth

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