A message to Biomel

A message to Biomel about their lovely probiotic products, sent on 26th November 2019:

"For about 30 years now I've been trying to work out what makes me wake with puffy face and swollen ankles some mornings more than others.  I excluded wheat, then gluten, then nightshades.  Tried drinking more water, eliminating sugar.  Nothing ever worked entirely.  Then I had toast one evening, several slices of it and a handful of nuts and woke the next morning the worst I've ever been.  Someone suggested yeast.  So I avoided yeast and it got better.  Then I had your almond probiotic and a handful of nuts last night.  Woke up swollen again.

Is there any possibility there could be yeast in your product?  The bottle I had was particularly "yoghurty" separated into curds.

If not, I now know it is most probably nuts that are the problem.

Just as an addition, you don't mention what cultures are in your product and how many different strains.  It would be interesting to know.

Also, being a vegan company I thought you would be more interested in the environment and the effects that modern farming has on wildlife.  Any chance you might start using organically grown ingredients?

:)  "

Biomel are quick to reply ....

 ........ and very helpful.

27th November 2019

Below are screenshots of the reply I received ......

So, I am still no nearer to sorting the mystery of morning puffiness, but heyho, maybe they might think of going organic!

Maybe it's the nuts? 

Maybe I am nuts


28th November 2019

Just as an aside....

and I've been investigating further, just by chance, some organic flatbreads, and although it was brilliant news that these are now available, I also noticed how salty they tasted and delved a little deeper.

Now I have often wondered if salt was my problem, but I avoided salty stuff and it made no difference.  Now I have discovered just how exceptionally salty purchased bread is, so am now convinced this is the most likely cause of puffiness.  Four slices of bread contain almost 1/3 of the maximum daily recommended intake of salt!



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