Whole Sea Bream Recipe

I was in need of a sea bream recipe today (13th March 2016) after a visit to our local Sainsbury's supermarket.

After doing all my shopping I passed by the 'bargain bin' before heading for the till, and spotted a whole sea bream all nicely packed up, with a whole day and a half to go before its sell by date and a decent amount knocked off the price.  I couldn't refuse the offer despite having never cooked or eaten one before.  I think it was the child in me because it looked shiny and tempting.

This fish was new to me and rather special, so I didn't want to just throw it in the frying pan like I would with a mackeral.  I wanted to be able to show it off - even if only to my partner - and not just offer a pile of fish flesh which could be any old fish.

So, I consulted chef Google.  The first I clicked on was on the BBC website (good old BBC) and the recipe I found was perfect.

if you are ever after a recipe I find that the BBC Good Food website is one of the best.  The recipes rarely fail

The Bream Recipe

Well, my version of it anyway.

Cut some potatoes with their skins into large dice, enough for 2 people.  Boil them until they are nearly cooked.

Then toss them in olive oil, juice of half a lemon a shake of salt and pepper, some herbs chopped garlic and some chopped olives.

Lay them out in an ovenproof dish. Slap the fish on top.  Drizzle with olive oil and roast for 15 minutes.

Pour a little wine over the lot and roast for 15 minutes more

Easy.  By the way, I had no wine so used white wine vinegar and it tasted gorgeous

Now if you want the real BBC recipe with proper instructions and a far more enticing photo - yes mine looks a bit sad - it can be found here on their good food website

This is a seriously easy and very tasty recipe

Let us know your thoughts.  Did you try this and like it? Have you got your own recipe? Did you try it with a different fish?  Do you even like fish at all?  Well that's a daft question, you wouldn't be here reading this at all would you now?

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