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30th April 2016

This British Heart Foundation leaflet got lost and battered in the bottom of my handbag as you can tell

So I photographed it before it became unreadable, because I think it is a vital campaign for the health of the nation.  In fact I would take it further, that no food of an addictive nature that can cause serious illness should be allowed to be advertised at all, for adults as well as children.

Forget the notion that people should have a choice.  Choice?  This is why poor people are fat because cheap food is fattening, nutritionless and addictive.  Also, I think it is fair to say that addicts do not choose, they are compelled.  Their brain is telling them lies that if they don't consume this stuff they will die - like with any other addiction such as drugs and smoking.  Overeating is an addiction too and adverts about delicious "food" that potentially could make you very ill really isn't good at all.

I speak from sad experience of both smoking and overeating.  Believe me, overeating is a much harder addiction to kick than smoking.

Here is the full leaflet.

The British Heart Foundation Campaign

This really is a serious problem

Not sure this petition is still on going

Now I have just been to the BHF site but can't find the petition.  Maybe it is not available any more.  After all, this is an old leaflet as  you can tell. I will contact them about that pretty soon.  Meanwhile they still have a lot of info on the subject and if you tap "junk" into their internal search bar you will find a lot more

7th August 2016

Mooching through an old BHF magazine today (Heart Matters) I came across an interesting article about food.  Particularly of interest was this photo caption which I think we all should take note of.  It appeared in the Spring 2016 issue

9th September 2016

I contacted them via their website with the following message


A while back you had a petition to ditch the junk ads.  Is the petition still running?  If not, are you planning on running another?

Here is the original campaign leaflet to remind you

Regards, Shirley Eisenberg


September 2017 and I think it is fair to say that having had no reply that this British Heart Foundation campaign against junk food advertisements no longer exists and I have no idea what happened about it,  Please let us know if you know anything.  H0wever, as I mentioned above there is still a lot on their website regarding the subject of junk food



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