How to make butterbean mash

Butterbean mash is so simple to make, very tasty and makes for an interesting and unusual accompaniment to meals or as a starter or snack if served with tortilla chips, crusty bread or crackers

How to make butterbean mash

Literally, all you need for this is a can or carton of butter beans plus whatever seasonings you wish to add.

Of course, you could use any beans - but butterbeans are the tastiest in my opinion

Drain them and heat (I used a microwave oven) with a little water, or liquid from the carton, so that the mash is not too dry. Add some salt and pepper and any spices you're fond of

The mash in the photo has chopped fresh parsley mixed in

Use a blender if possible to obtain a nice smooth mash.

If you are adding herbs it's best to add them after blending - unless of course you want green coloured mash





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More ways with butterbean mash

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