Cheese Twists

Cheese twists are my go to use of left over pastry trimmings, although of course you can purposely make them too using a basic shortcrust pastry recipe

They're great for buffets lunch boxes and picnics - or just something tasty to snack on.

Not exactly healthy, but better than shop bought stuff with unpronounceable ingredients

So here are some trimmings of shortcrust pastry.  It looks a bit brown and speckly because I added some wholemeal flour and chia seeds to the mix.

I know many of you like to know exactly how much of this that and the other to put into your recipes but there are no set quantities for this recipe.  Just use up what you've got.

How to make cheese twists

Squish your trimmings together (use a wee dash - I mean a micro amount - of water if you think it needs it to hold together) and roll it out on a floured surface

sprinkle a strip of grated cheese down the centre.  Mature cheddar is probably your best bet for cheese twists

Fold one side over the top

Sprinkle more cheese on top  of the fold (the more the merrier for taste - but not merrier for the poor calf - so use vegan 'cheese' if possible - although that is usually very processed and low in nutrients) then fold the other side over

Then fold over two more times

Roll it out flat again

and repeat all those steps of cheese layer, folding and rolling.

By this time the pastry dough will be getting quite solid and stiff and difficult to roll - but you can do it.  That should be enough, but if you think you have the strength and stamina and enough cheese then go ahead repeat again and make your cheese twists really really cheesey

Trim it into a square or rectangle

cut it into strips.  Don't worry about size - you can make them whatever length you like, but if they are too wide they won't twist very easily

twist the strips into a spiral

You can squash them ever so lightly with the palm of y our had to prevent them from uncurling

Bake in a medium to hot oven until they are golden and bubbling.  Once cooled you have a tasty treat (don't forget to bake those trimmed parts too)

These are really nice with dips



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