Chicken Marengo Recipe

Chicken marengo is a traditional recipe which seems to have morphed over the years. Originally it would appear that it contained crayfish and was served with a fried egg.  I've noticed that some recipes use prawns and/or omit the fried egg.  Some also contain mushrooms and some have added olives with no egg, or crayfish or prawns or any such thing

I quite like the idea of mushrooms and olives, so that is what my recipe is based around.

Suggested ingredients for this version of Chicken Marengo

This is a recipe for 2 people

2 chicken pieces (drumsticks used for this recipe).  If you're big meat eaters, you might want to use 4 pieces

1 400g tin of tomatoes

1 stock cube

300g of button mushrooms

50 - 100g (about 20 - 40) olives from a jar

pasta to serve - also nice with mashed potato

How to make it

Wipe a no-stick pan whit olive oil and put it on the heat

Tip the tinned tomatoes into a bowl with the stock cube.  Use a stick blender to blend it until smooth

Add the chicken pieces to the hot pan and cook on both sides to brown them a little

Add the tomato mix and button mushrooms and simmer until teh chicken is coming away from the bone

Add the drained olives and heat through for a couple of minutes

Serve with whatever you're serving it with

I used maize pasta which has a pretty pale yellow colour




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more ways to cook chicken marengo

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