Chicken Salad With Peaches

Chicken salad with peaches is an unusual but tasty  flavour combination.

How to make this chicken salad with peaches

Of course you can alter the ingredients according to your own taste, preference and what you actually have in your cupboards and/or what is available to you.  However, the following recipe is surprisingly tasty and also temptingly colourful.

There's no dressing included.  But if you want one, it needs to be quite bland because there is already a god mix of flavours - maybe a wee drizzle of olive or sesame oil and a twist of pepper


For one person:

100g Diced peaches

50g Diced cooked chicken

 2 Mini (baby) cucumbers cut into thick slices

Colourful edible flowers - I used some chive flowers which added a nice tang .....

 ...... just because I found some that had planted themselves between some paving flags and didn't want to just throw them out when I cleared the patio.

Of course fresh peaches would be preferable, but tinned peaches (in the photo) are quite acceptable and a lot less messy to prepare!



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