Chicken Salsa Recipe

This chicken salsa recipe is brilliant for an everyday meal and will also do very well for a special occasion

Impress your guests without spending too much time away from them in the kitchen, because this is so so simple and needs very little preparation

Ive served this up very simply with some runner beans, but you use whatever you like in the way of veg

To make sure everyne is also filled and satisfied it would also go very nicely with rice, couscous or some tasty crusty bread rolls and butter

Chicken Salsa need not be complicated.  Follow this recipe for a quick easy treat of a meal

Easiest Chicken Salsa Recipe Ever

What ingredients do you need?

Just two

Chicken and tomato salsa dip

Yes, that's it!

Not even a recipe really

I suppose you could go to the trouble of making your own tomato salsa, which would be very nice indeed, and something to boast in, but who really cares? and who would even notice for that matter.

But if you prefer theres plenty of good recipes out there in google world including this BBC Good Food salsa recipe and it would give you the option of deciding just how hot (or cool) you want your recipe to be

So, anyway, what you do is put your chicken in some sort of casserole dish - slightly shallow will probably be your best bet if you have one like that - cover the chicken pieces with as much tomato  salsa dip as you want or have, and shove it in the oven on a medium to high heat.

For cooking times you of course can't go wrong by following the instructions on the pack of chicken.  If it came from a butcher or you cut the chicken up yourself there undoubtably wont be any instructions unles youi ask your butcher.  I usually find they take about 20 minutes in a medium to high oven, but please always do check that your chicken is cooked right through before serving and that only clear juices come out if you pierce the flesh to the bone.

And here's a video for some visuals in case you haven't got a clue what Im on about...



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More ideas for chicken salsa recipes, but I would challenge you to be able to find a recipe easier than this one ..... hmmm

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