Chickpea Pate

Chickpea pate - isn't that the same as hummus? I hear you ask

Well, yes and no.  Hummus has specific ingredients and flavours and usually has a lotta lot of oil in it- you can make your chickpea pate with whatever flavours you like and add or omit oil just as you please

So, this pate has a lot going for it

It's vegan, it has no added sugar or oil (unless you really want to add them), it's healthy.  You can add your own flavours to it.  It's super brilliant for packed lunches, snacking, sandwiches,  buffets.

And if you want to ditch the butter or other fatty spreads, try it as an alternative on toast or crumpets

And above all, it's so easy and convenient to make as it uses chickpea flour (gram flour) rather than tinned chickpeas which are heavy for carrying home and take up more space. Although, again, if you want to blend down a tin of checkpeas to use instead of the flour - go ahead!

So keep a bag of gram flour in your store cupboard and you'll be able to quickly make this up as and when you need it

How to make Chickpea pate (chickpea paste, chickpeas spread)




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