Crispy Cod Recipe

Maybe it's just my upbringing but I never knew of any cod recipe other than a fish pie which consisted of any white fish in a creamy sauce, usually parsley, topped with mashed potatoes. 

Later on in life I did discover that you could wrap white fish up in tin foil or paper with a few flavoursome bits and pieces and pop them in the oven (or the microwave for that matter)  But really there's so much more you can do such as fish cakes, casseroles, kedgeree, and chowders. Bake, fry, steam, cream, stew........

This particular recipe is magnificent in that it can take its place at the table for a quick everyday meal, or you can serve it up at a dinner party and it will look like you've gone to a big effort, especially if you choose your accompaniments well. In fact, it really will take very little effort and no time at all.

Found on my all time favourite foody website, BBC good food, this is my grand attempt at it this recipe, and one of my most successful at making a tasty fishy meal

The Crispy Topped Cod Recipe

The recipe really just involves stylishly adding a heap of breadcrumbs to your fish. 

Take a slice of fresh or slightly stale bread (the original recipe calls for white bread, but I used wholemeal which tasted fine) and grate it or whazz it in a wizzer to make the crumbs.  If you use a hand held blender be prepared to be showered by the stuff.  It helps if you stretch cling film across your vessel to keep it all in place. 

Add flavourings such as fresh or dried herbs and spices, a little salt, garlic powder, bouillon powder and such like.  Then mix in a small amount of oil.  The oil will help hold it all together and make it crisp up. 

Lay pieces of raw cod, or indeed any white fish, on a baking tray and pile the crumb mixture on top.  Bake in a medium oven for about 10 to 15 minutes.  It's really that simple and absolutely gorgeous.

Serve it up with something plain such as steamed peas or green beans plus couscous, rice or some nice fresh buttered new potatoes.

It also tastes good with grated cheese added to the topping

Click here for the original recipe which is a lot more precise in its instructions than I am if that's how you rock'n'roll

Here is a quick video to give you some idea of how it's done



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