Crosta and Mollica Piadina Organic Flatbreads

crosta and mollica bread

27th November 2019

Found these Crosta and Mollica piadina organic flatbreads (never heard of them before) in Sainsbury's last night - Have been looking for something like this for a long time.  The plastic packaging is another matter! They're a bit expensive but must say they are the nicest softest wraps I've ever tasted

crosta and mollica bread
crosta and mollica bread
crosta and mollica bread

Crosta and Mollica

Sainsbury's is a supermarket that I quite often visit, partly because it is fairly easy to get to on my way home from work and partly because they have one of the largest selections of organically grown food in the area - which to be honest is still not very much.

I was just on the verge of contacting Sainsbury's about organic bread because there is very little choice - just sliced, unsliced or seeded.  I want to see organic focaccias, panninis, wraps and other lovely breads. 

It's just like they regard organic bread as one of the choices.  "So, which do you fancy today dear?  Shall we have a sunflower Panini? or the cherry muesli pave?  or do you fancy the organic tin loaf?"  It's a complete lack of understanding.  Do they think that people who are wanting to eat organic food wear brown and live in a field?

Last night I  decided to just this once to go for something not organic as an indulgence and was pleased to find these on offer.

Well done Sainsbury's - let's see more of this!

I've visited the Crosta and Mollica website.  It all looks very tasty but I can't find anything else that is organic amongst their products which is a big shame.

But anyway, they have a long shelf life so I bought 4 packs just to encourage them to stock up with more, and threw one in the food bank box.

See more about Sainsbury's


28th November 2019

now having had a few of these wraps, I couldn't help but notice how salty they taste, so I did a bit of delving

Just four of these wraps, and they're not very large wraps, contain almost the maximum 6 grams maximum daily recommended salt intake.

That's a bit scary

I delved deeper

read this

This has actually solved a 30 year old mystery for me (I hope).  Sometimes I wake up puffy, mostly my face, but also hands feet and ankles - and probably other body parts I'm no aware of.

I tried eliminating sugar, salt, wheat, gluten, yeast, nightshades, dairy .... and I don't know what else.

I obviously hadn't realised what a large amount of salt there is in bread.  So watch this space as I totally practise what I preach over the next few weeks and keep to real home made food, with no added salt and see if there is an improvement...

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