Dying for your Sunday roast

The article, Dying for your Sunday roast, appeared in the Daily Mail and asks the question, Is cheap chicken really worth it?

I am not against eating meat.  We are meant to eat it.  That is why we have canine teeth.  Our digestive system is geared up for it.  However the meat industry and the way we breed and treat animals is just gross.  We seem to forget that animals see, hear, feel.  They hurt, they have fears and joys.  They have basic needs and sometimes more complex needs.   They don't want to die.  I hear some people say, that, well they wouldn't have had a life in the first place if they hadn't been bred for meat.  Of course.  But we HAVE  bred them.  So let their short life be a comfortable and pleasant one.

Maybe this article, Dying for your Sunday roast, photographed from the Daily Mail in 2016 might help you decide if cheap chicken is worth it.

Now, I may not be a big fan of the  Daily Mail, but I am a big fan of this particular article which you can also read here

The Daily Mail article - Dying for your Sunday Roast

Enough fatalities along the way to fill two HGV lorries?  Isn't that obscene?  Not just the deaths, but that most likely there will be no regrets over this by the company involved, other than the loss of revenue.

Is chicken really the healthy option most people think it is?

Even if it doesn't pull at your heart strings, maybe it will cause you concern that this lack of interest in animal welfare could cause you harm, even if you don't care about the harm to the chickens

Wouldn't you rather go back to how it's supposed to be?

This is a bit scary

So, even if you don't care that the chickens aren't being fed properly, does it worry you that  this means your own nutritional well being is compromised?

Chickens are much fatter than they used to be.  I know back in the 1960s and 1970s my mother used to smear the chicken with butter before roasting it

Chickens need bugs and slugs and worms and greens to be healthy.  If they are healthy and have all the nutrition they need, then their meat will be more nutritious for you

As I keep saying.  "organic" is best

So what do you think?  Is it worth it?



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