Excess Packaging

Excess packaging is beginning to be taken seriously.  It is, as I am typing this, 23rd September 2019, and the tide is turning.  People, thankfully, are beginning to regard this as a major issue.

People are slowly beginning to see that it actually matters.  They are starting to consider what happens to the stuff they throw out.  Previously it was out of sight, out of mind.  Now we are bombarded with photographs of mountains of waste, of fish swimming amongst plastic and people posing with the excess packaging they have collected to return to their supermarket.

But still the message isn't getting through to the majority.

A lot more needs to be done and thankfully more and more campaigns are being run to bring this to the attention of not only consumers, but more importantly manufacturers and suppliers

Campaigns for the reduction of Excess Packaging....

October 2019

Have you ever bought a pack of meat from a supermarket and it comes in a plastic tray?  You put the plastic try in your (re-usable) shopping bag and by the time you get home the meat has gravitated to one end of the tray and you realise that it is taking up only about 1/10 of the space.  Multiply that my several million people per week and you have quite a mountain of plastic, and that is just the meat.  Add to that everything else that comes in plastic which we have learned to just throw away (and it's not just food packaging) and we are left with quite a hefty amount, a lot of which end up in the sea in some very beautiful parts of the world.

There is too much unnecessary and excess packaging being use.  We need really to ask the question, is plastic necessary at all?  We've managed without it exponentially longer than we've been living with it, and we managed quite nicely thankyou very much

What makes me mad is that we HAVE to campaign.  Why do manufacturers and supermarkets have to be "press ganged"? It's appalling really.  They know the impact of their protocols, but their real interest is neither in the health of the population or the health of the planet, just the health of their profit margin.   Grrrrrr!

Many campaigns are local such as PACT in the Penrith area of the UK

The WI I've seen are making a stand against supermarkets.

And evidence that supermarkets are starting to listen

october 2021

Some more campaigns:

Greenpeace campaign against excess packaging

Amazon urged to ditch excess packaging

Unilever and plastic packaging

Plastic use calculator



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