Fish Recipes

Fish recipes? Do you really need them? Don't you just cook it and eat it with some veg? Well that's how I used to think.  Fish was fish.  You fried it.  You baked it, or you sort of steam cooked it on a plate over a pan of hot water.  Then you ate it with boiled or mashed potatoes or chips (that's French fries to you Americans) and peas or carrots.  If you were feeling  up to it you made a fish and potato pie.  If you were feeling lazy you sent someone out to buy fish and chips. or had fish fingers or fish in batter out of the freezer.

But fresh fish is wonderful stuff and so easy to cook and to make it look like you are a wonder-chef. 

Fish is great for an everyday family meal, and it's so nutritious but it can also be made to look and taste like something really special

Tasty Fish Recipes

So I once upon a time thought there was no real versatility to fish, so just to show myself that I was totally wrong,  and to convince you too if you are like minded, I am going to start collecting some good fishy recipes beginning with.....

 ........ Whole sea bream

  ....... and more.

sea bass fillets

mackeral fillets

Crispy Topped Cod Steaks

This recipe can be used for any white fish

Hake Steaks with Chorizo and Potatoes

More recipes for fish

Looking for more recipes?  I've found this brilliant site spilling over with recipes on a sort of carousel.   Click the spin button and it randomly picks out a recipe for you.  Every single one looks delicious

Recipe spinner for fish

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