Fresh Berry Cake

A fresh berry cake is one of the tastiest cakes you will ever taste, and so easy to make.

You need to begin with a victoria sponge recipe.  That's made with a ratio of roughly:


That's eggs:self raising flour:any type of sugar:fat (margarine  (yick) or butter or vegan butter) -  and where weights are in old fashioned imperial ounces and eggs can be any size

You'll find the full instructions here to make the basic cake mix

To be honest, I've told a bit of a lie.  The berries I used are frozen -  not exactly fresh, but you can use fresh ones if you like.

It is quite simple really, once you've made your mix and you've spread it out in the tin, just sprinkle the fresh or frozen berries over the top.  They will sink in as the cake cooks.

Even nicer with a drizzle of pink icing.

If you do decide to use frozen, it's best not to defrost them as you will get a fair bit of liquid coming off them.

The tastiest of all in my opinion for this cake are raspberries but I couldn't get hold of any at the time I made these

You'll notice that my cake mix looks speckly - that'll be the chia seeds I threw in to kid myself that this food is healthy

You'll make this a lot easier for yourself if you go to the trouble of lining your cake tin.  Its a bit of a faff, but will save your cake from falling to bits as you try in vain to extract it from the tin

Just place the tin on the parchment, draw round it then cut it out (don't you just love cutting out? it's almost as much fun as colouring in - yes? no?) it doesn't have to be wonderfully acurate.  

See how easily your cake drops out of teh tine when it is lined.  You can line the sides too if you have the time and the inclination, but there's really no need as you can loosen the sides with a palette knife

Peel the lining paper off before it cools

Delicious fresh berry cake



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more ideas for a fresh berry cake

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