Fruit Sauce

Fruit sauce is Often the "icing on the cake" for:

Ice cream

Milk puddings

Banana splits

Ice cream sundaes



Your morning porridge or overnight oats (bircher oats)

And so many other desserts that taste so much better with a simple fruity topping.

They can also be used as a dipping sauce, or spread it on your toast instead of overly sweet jam

Does your fruit sauce need added sugar?

I personally think that no, a real fruit sauce does not need any extra sugar added to it. 

As soon as you blend fruit into a sauce you bring out a lot of hidden sugar from within the fruit.  This also makes it a little less healthy than eating  fruit as it comes in its own natural form because the sugar is digested more readily and can give a blood sugar spike more easily.  But you still have the fibre which will help to counteract this and it's certainly a lot more healthy than all the sugar laden commercially produced fruit sauces with goodness knows how many other chemicals added.

However, we have become so accustomed to exceedingly sweet stuff - often used to disguise lack of flavour - that we have forgotten what real food tastes like.

Here I'm showing a sauce made from a fresh peach and frozen then defrosted blackeberries.

If the fruit is hard - such as aplles or pears, you might want to consider cooking it first.

If the mix comes out too thick because there isn't enough liquid in the fruit just add a few drops of water.

And the easiest way to make a fruit sauce is just to take your favourite fruit and puree it, either through a seive or by using a blender

This fruit sauce is quite thick and pefect for topping a rice pudding

Adding other flavours

For a sweet sauce, fruit is probably the only way to get the sweetness, but you can of course as to the flavours by adding sweet spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon.

Another  favourite is chocolate.  Add this in the form of pure cocoa powder.  You can of course use drinking hocolate powder instead but this will have less cocoa content and added sugar - and goodness knows what other additives

Be careful though - chocolate doesn't taste that good with some fruit - use your wise judgment! 



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Fruit sauce ideas

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