Good Fast Food


If you're looking for some ideas for good fast food salads are a superb option.

If you are looking for real food then salad food is as real as it comes if you make some good choices.

Nowadays supermarkets have a good selection of ready prepared and mixed salads which is brilliant, but not so brilliant if you are concerned about landfill with all that packaging.  Better to make up your own, or even better if you have the time and the soil, grow your own.

However - the meal, or snack, itself.

Salads can be tired and sad, a bit of lettuce, halved tomatoes, a few slices of cucumber a blob of salad cream with some soggy corned beef and a slice of bread and butter.  No wonder I hear so many people just not seeing the love.

Be artistic, be adventurous, have fun.

There are so, so many flavours you can experiment with mixing and matching and even clashing.

Vary the design not only by flavour but by shape and colour to make your salad a feast for all the senses; textures and shape and colour and the crunching and the flavours.

Slice, dice, grate fringe, curl or leave whole. 

Use bitter, sweet sour or aromatic herbs and leaves.

Add onions, cheeses, capsicums, roots and tart fruits.

Eat it hot, cold or warm.

Sprinkle and spray with seeds and nuts and oil and vinegar, crunchy croutons, oranges and lemons.

Use raw, use cooked.

Use fresh herbs.

Heighten the senses with spicy powders

Freshly cooked meats (instead of purchased cold meat which will inevitably  have good and bad additives) and boiled eggs will keep it real, and if you are vegetarian or vegan there are so many pulses and cheeses, nuts and grains you can get your protein from.

Try to avoid sauces and dressings because you want to taste the food and show your body how good it all is - just a little oil and vinegar will do - and keep to organic if you can, and you couldn't get much healthier and more real than that.

Good fast food salads - You can't get much more real than that

I hope I have inspired you to dance around the kitchen and produce the fastest tastiest salad you never imagined you could ever pull together.

The more you make, the more you get to know what suits you and what is easy and what is a faff, and the quicker you will get at coming up with a wonderful and unique salad feast.

And don't be saying you have no time to make a healthy meal from scratch.  Salads are the best fast food ever

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