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Tuesday 4th July 2017

So I fell by the wayside on my first attempt, but I'm not giving up that easily.  Maybe I shouldn't have tried doing 2 habits at once.  Maybe even that is too much.  I am going to begin again at the beginning but this time just attempting to change my breakfast habits.  Then don't eat anything until about mid morning.  No wonder whole diets fail if it is difficult to change just 2 measly little habits at once.

My first new habit to establish is breakfast time.  No more egg and toast and cereal and fruit, I don't need that much.  From now on an egg (or other protein item), a slice of wholemeal bread or other carb with fibre, incorporate fat somehow - spread or cream cheese or nuts or the fat in the egg or full fat yoghurt etc.  plus fruit  or tomatoes or grapes/banana or any fresh fruit or veg for micronutrients.  I've made it sound more complicated than it is.  Basically, a fried egg on toast, with a bit of fruit or lettuce - oh and plenty to drink.

Then nothing until mid morning.  At mid morning I can eat what the eff I like for the rest of the day, still keeping my eye on nutrients but not worrying if it ends up being just crap.

I'm 57.  I've slowed down.  I don't need to take in anywhere near as much energy as I used to. I need to get into the habit of eating less.  It needs to become automatic and I'll does this until it does

Hopefully this will be only take a month or so for each new habit I work on.

This is going to be slow, but on the plus side there is only ever one thing to think about.  Once I don't have to think about (breakfast and the couple of hours after it) that thing any more because it has become a habit, then I choose another one thing to think about (next will be break time and the couple of hours after it).  it is so doable and I'm excited - I really think this is going to work.

If I can't cope with one two hour gap per day of not eating then really there is no hope for me and I may as wel resign myself to a life of fatness

Friday 7th July 2017

So my average day so far goes a bit like this.  From breakfast to break I might spot my partners ham on toast left from last night and feel inclined to eat it as well as my breakfast (the best way to tidy up is to eat it up), or I find a few nuts in a pocket, or walk past a pot of jelly sweeties (candies) in the office........... but I resist them all

These are the moments when the "pop it in your mouth just because it is there" habit needs to change to an "I'll have one of those later if there's any left" habit.  Then no rules form 10am onwards - whoop whoop!

Tuesday 11th July 2017

On the one hand this really feels like I am getting nowhere.  I haven't weighed myself, but my clothes are definitely getting tighter after only a week.

On the other hand, I have never done this before and I have never heard of it being done.  This is an experiment and I won't know if it works if I don't see it through to the end.  it could even turn out to be the long awaited diet method that really totally and permanently works.

I am considering whether my next habit to break should be my evening eating habits because that is when I eat the most and have the strongest urges to overeat.  This will be the hardest habit to change. is it best to tackle the hardest or the easiest first?  Something to seriously think about

Wednesday 12th July 2017

My belly plops over the waistband of my work trousers every time I sit down.  It's bad when your trousers fall down because they have become too small rather than they have become too big!

I may be eating less breakfast, but I am most likely making up for that over the rest of the day.  But no matter, because the object at the moment is to forget about my weight and concentrate on building habits that will help me lose weight at a later date.  I must not let it discourage me that I am putting on weight at this point, because if this works, the weight gain will be only temporary.  Hopefully there will come a point where a snowball of weight loss will start rolling.

Thursday 13th July 2017

The smaller breakfast is now well grounded into my being, but not so much the gap before morning break.  It's actually quite easy, but it's not yet automatic.  The wrong thoughts keep popping into my head like "oops that biscuit just fell out of the packet, I may as well eat it" or "Just one won't matter" or "I'll make a sandwich ready for lunch plus I may as well make another one to eat now"  but I've managed to resist.

This morning I pointedly told myself every time I saw food between breakfast and break time, "That'll be nice for later" and walked past.

Monday 17th July 2017

This is a bit like going on a diet in the morning and then giving up on it by mid morning then doing the same every day

In the evenings my bad habits get me down and I know I must be putting weight on.  It feels counterproductive. My head tells me to forget it because this is going against all common sense and the common idea of what a weight loss diet should look like.  It's like a step backwards. A step towards getting even fatter

but on the positive side I am gaining one good new habit and then hopefully another and another..........

And the reality is, from my own experience, and I am sure, the experience of many others, the obvious route does not work.  Seeing skinny people sitting on their backsides eating crap is evidence of this.  So why take the "obvious route?" it's senseless.

Monday 24th July 2017

I'm longing to go on to the next stage.  There's only just over a week to go, if I keep to my aim of working at each habit for a month.  It's really bugging me that my weight is heading in the wrong direction and I am itching to start seeing good results. I got a shock when I weighed myself this morning to find I am a whopping 15 stone 4 pounds.

This should shock me into "going on a proper diet" but somewhere in a dark corner of my brain I have a niggling bit of confidence that this whole thing could possibly really work simply because the opposite tactic doesn't work, not permanently anyway.

Tuesday 25th July 2017

Despite some exceedingly stressful events over the past week.  I have been keeping to this new breakfast habit hardly without a hitch.  I have been making and eating much the same breakfast every day without any thought - i.e. automatically, but there is still the odd weak thought to eat something before break time, but this has been easy to resist

Am wondering whether to call this the "Eisenberg Principle" if it is successful.  A bit like the Heisenberg Principle which is also about uncertainty. Haha - yes I know, totally different

Oh and here is a brilliant slogan - New eating habits are for life not just for diets.  Ok not brilliant.

This is the principle:

The Eisenberg Principle

If you change your eating habits all at once you will probably lose weight.  However it is highly likely to become harder to keep up as time goes on, until you reach a point where you give up and overeat to compensate.  The weight will pile back on quickly and you will get into the habit of eating more than you did before.

If instead, you change your habits one at a time over a long period of time, you will probably begin by putting more weight on.  However it is highly likely to become easier to keep up with the changes as times goes on until you reach a point where your new habits become automatic and permanent.  Your weight will eventually start to fall slowly as you get more into the habit of eating less than you did before and will continue to fall until you reach the weight that matches the new lesser amount you are eating.

Thursday 27th July 2017

Am absolutely itching to get working on the next habit, but it's only a few days to go to August.  There's no harm in waiting a bit longer just to be sure that I am ready.

The next stage will be to deal break time and the period and the couple of hours or so after that.

This needs to be planned with thought.

I am ashamed to admit that the morning break routine usually c9onsists of:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 yoghurt
  • 1 small handful of nuts
  • 2-3 dried dates
  • 2 - 4 digestive biscuits
  • and one more small handful of nuts which should have been saved for an afternoon snack


now it is written down it looks 10 times more than it feels when I actually eat it.

No wonder I am fat

Now to decide which items to drop - which ones I will miss the least without losing nutrients.

After much umming and ah-ing and pondering thisi is what I have come up with:

  • half a piece of fruit (eat the rest at lunch time) OR
  • 2-3 dates OR
  • small handful of nuts


  • 1 full fat yoghurt OR
  • 1 small piece of cheese


  • 1 biscuit or equivalent

Maybe it is still too much but it is nevertheless a lot lot less than before.

I think that is going to be relatively easy, it's the "nothing then until lunch" that is going to be difficult.

There is also the matter of cake sales.  We have them regularly every few months at work for charity.  The sales start during morning break in the staff room.  Skinny people eat them, so why shouldn't I?  I just need a plan to make it OK. 

I think I could either exchange all the snacks for a cake (surely that's OK just as a one off) or buy a cake and save it until lunchtime.

Definitely my usual sampling of every single cake on offer is now a big NO NO

I think the latter plan is better. 

I will start on phase 2 on Monday 31st August and go on for as long as it takes for the second habit to become automatic.  That should be at least one month

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