Habit 3

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Monday 11th September 2017

It struck me this  morning that the real reason I have been putting off stage three is not so much that stage 2 has not become a habit yet, but because stage three is looking a bit scary.  So I have just leapt in at the deep end with stage three today.  I had a good idea of what my new rules were going to be for this stage so I was sort of half prepared and here now at 3pm - the verdict?  Well, just like the time I remember so well when I jumped into deep water the first time ever, it wasn't nearly so bad as I thought it would be and I am raring to go with this one!

Tuesday 12th September 2017

Habit 3 concerns lunch and goes a bit like this:

Any one of the following (a or b) or something similar

  a; two slices of bread and butter/coconut oil

      egg cheese meat or hummus


  b  small jam jar of leftovers or couscous or rice salad.  it should contain protein veg salad and carbohydrates.  if there is no fat - add a spoon of olive oil and/or mayo

Plus any three of the following or similar

1/2  a cake

1/2 pack of crisps (or a whole mini bag)

one biscuit

a two finger KitKat, but no more than two of these


 Plus fruit or small handful of nuts

Then nothing at all until break time at 3pm-ish

Now some of you might be thinking, gosh that's a lot and some of you might be thinking is that all?

The fact is that it is less than I was eating before which is what this is all about

At a later date if it turns out that I am still eating too much and haven't lost much weight at all, I can change my habits again, one at a time reducing each meal again

Thursday 21st September 2017

Have had a very busy and stressful time recently which means I haven't had time to write down my thoughts and plans and mishaps and learning curves which is a bit sad because they are all gone form my head now

However, I do remember having a few naughty days of eating extra biscuits and such like, but it hasn't stopped my progress.  My weight seems to be stuck at 15 stone 4 lb which in a way is good because it isn't going up at all. 

That's quite promising and, yeah, it's how you would expect really because being about halfway through this now I suppose a steady weight is also a halfway mark between putting on weight and losing weight

Sunday 24th September 2017

Went to my great nephews birthday bash yesterday afternoon.  It was quite handy that it was in the afternoon because it started about 1pm. I arrived at 2pm and then just waited an hour chatting with people until 3pm and then I could eat thoughtlessly

Friday 29th September 2017

There are such a lot of red herrings in the diet world.  For instance - you need to exercise more.  That's codswallop and only reinforces the notion that fat people are fat because they are lazy.  well I know loads of skinny lazy people who never get off their backsides and then there are plenty of fat people who are on the go all day long.  Nurses for instance.  Why oh why do people say these things when the evidence against their thinking is right in front of their noses.

Also we are told to eat less fat, eat less sugar, eat more vegetables, count calories. Nonsense!  Offices are full of thin people living off doughnuts and coffee.  yes, it is good for life and for wellbeing to eat healthily and exercise, but it's not why we are fat.  We are fat because we eat too much

Nice surprise this morning - weight gone down by a tiny feeble 1lb to 15 st 3lb  Now that is probably just a fluctuation in body fluid, especially as I have swollen ankles (since my pregnancies and then kidney stone)  but it was encouraging.  And also between breakfast and morning break I had no desire for food whatsoever.  There was also a cake sale and I found it super easy to resist eating my cake until lunchtime, even while surrounded by (mostly skinny) cake munchers.  Hopefully one day, through this plan I too will be a skinny cake muncher

Sunday 8th October 2017

Noted that I was still at 15st 3 lb a few days ago but haven't weighed myself since.

Today went totally wrong.  Had a late breakfast, no mid morning snack and then had an early lunch.  However I ate very little the rest of the day until evening when I ate a lot

But never mind because although this is all about learning new habits, it is also about knowing that having an off day does not affect the habit forming process.

Trying to keep off food during the period between mid morning break and lunch and during the period between lunch and afternoon break is still proving to be a bit difficult, but only a bit.  So I think I will extend this habit forming period until the end of October even though it will be a month in about a weeks time.  I think I will be needing it.

I can't believe no one has ever thought of this before.  It may be taking a long, long time, but it is so much more easy than diving straight in to a full blown new way of eating overnight.  I think the problem lies in the fact that when you get the call (the photo, the video, the comment) that triggers you to say "enough is enough I need to do something NOW"  then you want something to happen RIGHT NOW.  You want visible results in a week.  But I have been through that so many times that I know for sure that the initial weight loss is unsustainable.

Monday 9th October 2017

Back on track today.  I couldn't be bothered weighing myself this morning - was in too much of a rush

One thing I have noticed is that you would think this would get harder, but it hasn't so far.  At the beginning I could eat what I liked from 10.00am onwards because I was dealing with the habit of how I eat at breakfast only.  Now I have to wait until around 3pm before I can eat any old thing but it doesn't feel any more difficult.  By next month it will be 6pm  and then around Mid December, 9pm.  By spring I should be eating like a normal person and it's quite exciting. 

After that, most probably, I will be dealing with other factors such as stress, love and hugs and sleep all of which I am sure affects eating habits, and maybe reducing my intake an insy bit more too.

What I am eating at lunch times now is a lot less than I used to, but now it feels like quite a lot.

Saturday 15th October 2017

Weight dropped by half a pound to 15st 2.5 lb - whoop whoop!

Sunday 16th October 2017

Ok, so half a pound is neither here nor there. You can lose that by having a pee, but I was still half a pound down today and consistently since starting on stage three I have stayed the same or dropped down.  This is encouraging.  I feel like racing on to the next habit change because I know now that this is working (I hope haha) and that means that the next stage will show considerably better results than this one

However, I know that I mustn't because there is still a little isny bit of a struggle.  my new habit is to have a certain lunch and then nothing until at least 3pm  But every day at 3pm I have a fight in my head.  I want food and I want it now, but the new habit says wait one hour.  But my head screams "Now!".  This goes on for half an hour and then I give in half an hour early.

Now if this goes on any longer than 2 more weeks I think I will just change the rule to 2.30 and be done with it and go on to the next or else I could be stuck here forever

Tuesday 17th October 2017

On the way home from guitar class this evening I stopped off for a chippy meal and - amazing, I couldn't eat all of it!

Spotted this on my twitter feed this evening:

Why are we taken in by this crap?  If you have to do abnormal stuff like this to have a normal sized body then something is terribly wrong and needs fixing! Naturally thin people don't do this so how absurd to believe this will help you get thin?!

Sunday 22nd October 2017

I think I got a bit too excited too soon when I said earlier that my weight is either the same or dropping each time I weigh myself because today and yesterday it went up a little.  But only to 15st 3 lb which is still encouraging because I suppose that means it has hovered around the same weight

Hopefully this means that next the next stage will see me dropping weight.

It was 12th of September that I first started on this habit.  I've come to a bit of a standstill and just can't get over that 2.30 pm thing where I feel hungry on some days and can't resist. So (shock horror!) I've decided instead to change the goalposts otherwise I am never going to get on.  So from now my cut off point will be 2.30 and from tomorrow onwards I am going on to habit number 4

Let's see how I get on with this next one, because I have decided this is a point where I need to reward myself a teensy bit

OK so how does this sound for the next habit change?

At 2.30 - 3.30 I am allowed one snack.  This snack must only be a bit of a  nibble but is allowed to be very naughty and totally unbalanced if I feel that way inclined.  So something like a small cake, a two fingered KitKat, half of an indulgent chocolate bar such as a Mars bar or a whole milky way (because they are small) or a pack of crisps (you get the gist)  or, depending how I feel, something healthier like a banana or a bunch of grapes or a cracker with a slice of cheese.

After that (this has taken much thought)  I can eat nothing until 6pm or later.  With one exception on Tuesdays.  I have guitar lessons on Tuesday 6pm to 8pm So on Tuesdays I can eat earlier.

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