Habit 5a

Continuing with the evening meal habit

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Monday 1st January 2018

New year  resolutions are notoriously destined to fail, but that’s probably because we fail to plan and expect too much of ourselves all in one go.


Now I am a very big humbug.  I don’t like “Christmas”  I have many reasons for this, and I could write a book on the subject, but let’s just say that I think it is all totally inappropriate in many ways.


However, as much as I avoid it all, it is well nigh impossible to avoid it totally and I have mentioned this subject for precisely that reason.  At work, I am surrounded by biscuits, chocolates and buffet food.


What I am saying is that I have gone a little off the rails in the last few weeks, but the festivities are not the only reason.  Too much to do, too much turmoil and  too much change have resulted in too little sleep, emotional eating and thoughtless picking at food instead of making proper meals


And after all that, it must be said, that the first day of the year does feel like a turning point – all that is now over and it’s  now time for this.  There is definitely something motivational about the new year and it is no use brushing it off by saying new year resolutions never work.  If the motivation is there then it's not a bad idea to grasp hold tight before it slips away.


I gave up smoking cold turkey four years ago today.  I can do this too.  I can get back on track.  Spring is approaching, the dark nights will start to fade and I can carry on with enthusiasm to gradually eat ess and less and change my eating habits one at a time


And aren’t I nearly there?


I have stayed much the same weight up until now and have put on an extra pound over these last gluttonous weeks.  Now is the time to start dropping weight.


Now is the time for a recap over what I’ve achieved already, get rid of the fuzzy doubts, make the plan clear again and time to get going.


So where am I up to?


I have  some habits more or less established - breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.  I know what I am doing there, so it’s easy peasy to get back into those routines.

Now to get back on track trying to establish an evening meal routine...........

Just to remind myself: The whole meal has to be eaten in one sitting - not spread out and no gap between the meal and the dessert.  Then nothing for at least 2 hours from when the meal has ended.

Heyho here we go again

Friday 19th January 2018

Another advantage of this method is this  I now know the amount of food I need to keep at a certain weight

Last time I weighed myself I was 15stone 5.5 pounds  That was a couple of weeks ago.  before the festive season, I was much the same weight.

During the festive season, I ate a little more than usual.

So obviously, the amount of food I eat now will keep me hovering up and down at around 15stone 5.5 pounds

If I eat the same but add picking at little bits of food around the day, then I will put on a pound or so more.  Cut out the picking and I'm back to 15st 5 pounds or thereabouts

I'm learning through sound life experience, how much to eat to be a certain weight without a diet plan.

I may not have lost any weight yet over these last few months, and in fact I put on weight, however I am learning very important foundational lessons.

And if I have stayed a steady weight for a couple of months now, then surely with the next habit change will come the beginning of weight loss.

These last few weeks have been amazing, when I think back not only to the quantities of the food I used to eat but also to the attitudes, not least the fear of not having food with me at all times which is very similar to the fear I used to have of being without a cigarette to hand - foundless fears

My whole attitude has changed

Friday 26th January 2018

Time for some honesty.  This latest change of habit has been the hardest. I have only some degree of success.  I've changed my evening meal habit except for two things.  Sometimes I have a little bit of something to eat when I get in from work before the meal is made - sometimes this is the cake that I bought which is meant to be eaten afterwards.  I also am having difficulty keeping to the 2 hour gap before I eat again - it's more like an hour. So I suppose that's good enough for now.

I had a happy accident yesterday morning.  I prepare my breakfast the night before to save time in the mornings.  This is usually an egg on a bread roll plus a few salad items or a small piece of fruit.  Well I heated it in the microwave for 30 seconds, ate a strawberry, 2 raspberries and a chunk of cucumber then forgot all about the egg.  Surprisingly I didn't feel hungry until break time.

My weight is still stable at an average of 15stone 6.5 lbs

Monday 29th January 2018

I think I will leave that last habit as far as I have got with it because I've reached a sticking point.  I've managed to get into a routine of eating a smaller meal, but the 2 hour gap until I eat again is just not happening.  Time to change tactics

One of the main reasons I just cannot stop eating past teatime is very evidently lack of sleep.  I am always trying to slip one last thing into the evening that I end up getting to bed far too late.  Ideally I need to get to bed by 10pm on a weekday and it's just not happening.  In fact it is often around midnight or beyond that I finally put my head on my pillow.  Plus, the hours between my meal  and when I sleep are filled with moments of wandering  from cupboard to fridge in search of the elusive food substance to "hit the spot".  So I am chomping away for much of the time on biscuits, chocolate and toast in an attempt to scratch an itch which I mistake for a hunger itch, but is in fact an itch to get some shuteye.

This has to stop.  This tiredness sometimes leads to me eating more than I should during the day too.

Apperently some studies have shown that successful weightloss relies on having 6 to 8 hours sleep a day

So my next habit change is to effing well get to bed at a decent time

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