Habit 6

Monday 29th January 2018

So the previous habit change was to get used to eating less at an evening meal and have a 2 hour break before eating again

However I have left that last habit as far as I have got with it because I've reached a sticking point.  I've managed to get into a routine of eating a smaller meal, but the 2 hour gap until I eat again is just not happening.  Time to change tactics

One of the main reasons I just cannot stop eating past teatime is very evidently lack of sleep.  I am always trying to slip one last thing into the evening that I end up getting to bed far too late.  Ideally I need to get to bed by 10pm on a weekday and it's just not happening.  In fact it is often around midnight or beyond that I finally put my head on my pillow.  Plus, the hours between my meal  and when I sleep are filled with moments of wandering  from cupboard to fridge in search of the elusive food substance to "hit the spot".  So I am chomping away for much of the time on biscuits, chocolate and toast in an attempt to scratch an itch which I mistake for a hunger itch, but is in fact an itch to get some shuteye.

This has to stop.  This tiredness sometimes leads to me eating more than I should during the day too.

Apperently some studies have shown that successful weightloss relies on having 6 to 8 hours sleep a day

So my next habit change is to effing well get to bed at a decent time

I am not sure how reliable the following websites are, but if you search the internet there are a lot a lot a lot of websites all saying the same thing.  Whether they are just copying off each other who knows, but many of them use the sort of language someone with much scientific learning would use so maybe these are correct

an interesting study of xylitol

fructose and kidney stones

salt fructose and kidney stones

Tuesday 13th February 2018

Some nights I am getting to bed early, but not enough.  I think this is going to be an ongoing battle. Overall though I am getting more sleep than before and am eating a little less because of it, especially in the evenings.  I think it is time to embark on another habit change and to keep working on the early nights at the same time.

My next habit change should really be to work on the evening after meal routine, but I think I will leave that aside for the moment, because there is another very important habit change which I think needs addressing and that is my sugar habit.  This came to light recently when I was looking for a reason for my achy joints and kidney troubles, but that's another and quite a long boring story.

I have actually know, probably for about 30 years, the importance of keeping to a low sugar diet for weight loss.  It may seem odd that I haven't dealt with it before, but the fact is, I have, but have never been able to keep up a low added sugar diet for long.  Only recently have I discovered the reasons why fructose in particular is very bad in its pure form (table sugar is 50% fructose).  I have tried al sorts of restrictive diets to try to get rid of sugar from my diet and one of them I am convinced is the reason for my kidney stone a few years ago. 

There is such a lot to write about my experiences with sugar that I don't think it good to dwell on it too much here, so instead when I get some time I will write a separate page.

Basically I think now the problem with giving up sugar is that it is everwhere you look so I need to be not so strict this time.

So instead of saying I am going to cut out added sugar - that's impossible - my new habit is to nurture a new and healthier relationship with sugar.  How does that sound?  Beginning tomorrow. 

Wednesday 14th February 2018

So, the plan is to get into the habit of eating far less sugar and to eat it mostly in its natural form.

I'm cutting back on fruit - I've been eating unnaturally large amounts - and I'm cutting out anything with large amounts of added sugar.  So out go the biscuits, cakes, doughnuts, and most desserts except for very special occasions.

If something has added sugar but in small amounts or if it is something I only eat a little of such as in ketchup I will eat if I feel like it.

I will replace sugary snacks and some of the fruit I used to eat with celery sticks, carrot sticks, and savoury snacks such as a bag of crisps, half an egg, crackers with maybe a little cheese, a few nuts, a square of 70% dark chocolate and such like.


So, I kept to it, but I did however eat a sweetened yoghurt at morning break

So I think I have done quite well without being too strict, which is how it should be.

Thursday 15th February 2018

Still got to bed too late last night, but woke up feeling lighter.

With hindsight it would have been good to have started with the sleep and sugar habits, but Maybe these habits would have been to big a problem and overwhelming to deal with at the off. 

I have tried giving up sugar before but it all got a bit complicated.  Where do you draw the line?  What about sugar in ketchup, baked beans and indeed fruit? What about bread?  Bread apparently is almost as bad as sugar - and then there's potatoes.  Where does pasta sit on the scale of things?  What about honey and agave and maple syrup?  Many recipes for sugar free include these sweeteners in recipes.  Is a smoothied apple different to a whole apple? It can get very confusing

So a couple of times I tried, felt good for a while and then catastrophically failed, because it was al too much to cope with in one go

This time with a bit of common sense thrown in I think I'll do good.  Sorting out the smaller habits first has given me confidence and resolve. 

This morning when I weighed myself I was 15stone 4 pounds.  That is 1.5 pounds lighter

Now, although I am not working on my evening eating habits at the moment, cutting back on sugar has meant that I have less choice for my evening food cravings and I think that this caused me to eat less last night.  I say "think" because I don't actually keep track of what I eat in the evening

16th February 2018

Still off the sugar.  Still late for bed.  Put 1/2 pound back on.  Feel great.  Really starting to feel in control of food.  I am certain I could not have tackled the sugar habit as my first habit change.  It would have been too much

18th February 2018

Down to 15stone 4 pounds again  I am still overeating in the evenings, but have cut out large amounts of sugar - so it's more on cereal crisps and toast, which I know is still not good, but in my opinion 10 times better than sugar laden snacks

19th February 2018

back up to 15 stone 5.5 pounds

20th February 2018

Weighed in at 15stone 5 pounds this morning.  I also ate two chocolate digestives and two bourbon cream biscuits after lunch.  In fact it might have been three bourbons.  I know why - because I haven't been getting enough sleep - talking of which it is 23.04 so I am going to bed NOW!

22nd February 2018

15stone 4 pounds today!

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