Hake with Chorizo

Hake with chorizo is wonderfully delicious and very simple to make, taking up only about half an hour of your time, and for some of that time, you can sit and read a book or watch the telly - or even go on your running machine! - while it cooks

This is a delicious hake recipe based on instructions I found on a BBC Food website

Honestly you would think I had shares.  I really haven't.  It's just that the BBC websites never fail to deliver a good recipe that works, so I always go there first.

It began in the supermarket where I found hake steaks on offer and they looked tasty so I bought a couple.  I also bought some chorizo that day

I suppose in the world of real food, chorizo doesn't come at the top of the list of healthy natural foods, and I don't often buy it.  But as the saying goes, a little bit of what you fancy does you good

Anyway, looking up some hake recipes I came across this one which just happened to have chorizo in it so I thought I would give it a go.

Basically what you do is throw some veg and stuff in a pan then some potatoes and seasoning and chopped chorizo.  That takes about 10 minutes.  Then pop the hake on top for ten minutes more and bobsyouruncle!

Watch me blunder my way through making this amazing meal below

Video - Hake with Chorizo

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