Healthy Baking

Healthy baking is all relative really.  If you have an appetite for baked goods and can't stop once you start, then no baking is going to be a healthy option for you.

Then again, if you're going to eat this sort of stuff it will be healthier and  better to make your own instead of buying mass produced foods with a list as long as your arm of unpronouncable ingredients and very little fibre.

And again, if you make your own you can put extra stuff in and/or choose your ingredients wisely to make  your baking to be that little bit less unhealthy

Healthy Baking recipes

With all that in mind, it would therefore be an excellent idea to have a few basic and simple recipes for everyday bakery items that  you can adjust to make your own unique and vaguely healthier alternatives

So I shall give you my own recipes that I have carried around in my head since my teenage.  They are so easy to remember and easy to make because they revolve around ratios of ingredients

You will also see why from these recipes why I much prefer the old imperial measurements to faffing around with silly metric weights

So here they are. Learn them. Keep them in your head and they will stand you in good stead. 

oz means ounces.  SR means self raising

(and click the link for full instructions if the link is there - sorry this page is still under construction)

Plain sponge cake  1 egg : 1 oz plain flour : 1 oz sugar 

Victoria sponge cake 1 egg : 2 oz SR flour : 2 oz sugar : 2oz fat

Shortcrust pastry 2 oz plain flour : 1 0z fat 

Scones 4 oz SR flour : 1 oz fat : 1/2 oz optional sugar

There are of course many other things you can bake such as flapjacks, choux buns, brownies and cheesecakes, but these above are the basics and are all that you will need for most of your baking. You can of course convert these ounces into metric if you so wish, but it won't be anywhere near as easy to remember.

Accuracy is not vital, so big eggs or little eggs makes no difference except that you will endup with slightly bigger or smaller cakes, and if you convert to metric it shouldn't matter if you round the numbers up or down a little

banana oat cookies



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Please remember that the author of this website is not a professional.  All statements are opinions and not to be taken as advice.

More ideas for healthy baking

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet"  Abraham Lincoln

Much of the information on this website is either "googled" or out of the author's head and therefore not to be taken as advice.

It's all about food and food for thought, so trust your gut instinct and get some professional advice on diet if you think you need it

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