Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Looking for healthy breakfast ideas? But what is a healthy breakfast?

The word healthy has different meanings to different people and therefore so does the term "healthy breakfast"

To some, a full English breakfast is the most healthy.  Good helpings of fried egg, bacon, sausage and black pudding served up with well buttered toast or fried bread and fried or tinned tomatoes.  It sets you up for the day giving you plenty of energy and protein and, for many, keeps them full right through until the evening without the need to eat anything else.

Tell this to someone else and their jaw will drop to the ground.  What? all that fat and salt?  That can't be healthy for you.

For some a low fat cereal with skimmed milk is the thing.  For others this contains too much sugar and too little fibre.

So what is the real answer?  As is the theme of this website, I think it is best to just aim for what is real and eat as close to nature as possible.  In other words, to eat real food that has been tampered with as little as possible. 

Real food is what has come straight from the ground or straight from the animal.  Obviously in this modern world this is not always possible, but how can you argue with  the premise that the less a food has been tampered with the better and healthier it must be?

Which is healthier? Fresh pork?  Or pork that has been cured in nitrites and nitrates and smothered in honey and smoked?

Which is healthier? Corn on the cob? or corn that has been cooked with added sugar, salt, preservatives and other additives, then squashed flat and toasted? (cornflakes)

Get the drift?  If that is true, then ask yourself if many other foods, which we regard as healthy, are also too much tampered with?  For instance, taking the fat out of milk or using fat free milk to make yoghurt.  By tampering with milk in this way you have upset the natural balance.  Sugar then has to be added to make it palatable which is even worse - even more out of balance.  How many people can eat plain fat free yoghurt, no fruit or sugar added?  Try full fat plain yoghurt though and you have something creamy and delicious just as it is.

For me the best breakfast is plain porridge.  Just oats, no sugar, and usually no milk.  It's bland to start with but you get used to it.  Sometimes I will have a fried egg on toast, or even better, home made flatbreads when I have the time which is getting as near as you can these days to a "real food" meal.

You could argue that bread is wheat that is over tampered with, but it has been going for thousands of years and is found in just about every culture which I think has something to say for the goodness of it.  However, if you can, home made is best because then you can just use flour water and yeast and not all the weird and wonderful ingredients that go into modern bread.

There is also another question that can be asked and that is - is breakfast as vitally important as people say it is?  Do we need to eat first thing in the morning at all? and indeed are we better without it? - It seems that some people just aren't hungry in the morning and others can't function until they've eaten - but that is another topic.

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