Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Looking for healthy breakfast recipes can be quite confusing.  There are lots of differing ideas over what healthy food actually is.  To some it means low fat, to others high protein, but sticking to the theme of this website the recipe ideas below all follow the idea of eating real food.  So good wholesome food, tampered with as little as possible is surely the best way to take your first meal of the day.

Looking at it logically, if you want your breakfast to give you a good start then you should have a bit of everything of the basic dietary needs. So that means protein, carbohydrates, fats.  Avoid salt and definitely avoid added sugar which will just give you a big blood sugar slump mid morning, sending you rushing to the vending machine, or staffroom to see if anyone has left any cake lying around.

Cereal is a big tradition in a lot of the western world but can be really really bad.  Laden with sugar and more salt than the sea in some cases.  If you want cereal then try to find the most wholesome there is.  They are hard to find.  Shredded wheat has only wheat in it, which is pretty good, but avoid any with additives. Muesli and porridge are usually pretty good but still look at the ingredients.  Remember it is the added ingredients that you have to be careful about because they make for a totally unbalanced food product

Is no breakfast OK?

There are so many varied opinions on this, it's hard to say.

There was a time not long ago when I would say, go with your gut feelings.  Trust  your own body  and eat breakfast if you feel hungry, don't eat if you don't feel hungry - simple, but recently I've been reading up on gut bacteria (your microbiome and how it can affect your appetite and make you feel hungry even when you are full - more details about this at the bottom of this page.

Just from my own personal experience, I often don't eat until mid morning.  and if I did eat first thing, then I don't stop until I go to bed, (see the cram circuit for a possible answer to this) so for me it's not always such a good idea to have an earluy breakfast.  You might be different.  But if you do have breakfast make sure its a good one with all the nutrients you need, not just carbs and not just protein, but a good balanced mix

Some Ideas For Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes

There are plenty of wonderful healthy breakfast recipes around, but let's face it, in the modern world time is limited and breakfast is usually either rushed or non existent.

Most people will opt for cereal because it is quick.  To make it healthy choose an all natural and preferably organic product.  Oat porridge, raw muesli are too good options, although muesli is a bit chewy and not so quick to eat.  If you are organised enough, soaking your muesli overnight will make it more digestible and quicker to eat.  Add nuts for protein (particularly if you are using a plant based milk)  and fruit for micronutrients and extra fibre and you have a good balanced morning meal

Most cereals however are too highly processed, contain too much added sugar and sometimes salt, and may have other questionable ingredients.  Take time to read the labels.

Eggs of course are a brilliant breakfast choice.  They have good micronutrients, plenty of protein and satisfy the appetite better than carbohydrate based breakfasts.  The addition of a slice of wholemeal toast will provide carbohydrate and fibre.  Add some tomatoes, lettuce and or onions for more micronutrients and fibre or a piece of fruit and you again have a good balanced breakfast.

For speed a good idea is to boil half a dozen eggs at the start of the week, then even if you don't have time for breakfast, you can grab one out of the fridge - the perfect healthy, fuss free, non messy, portable snack.  Grab an apple, some dried fruit or nuts, a stick of celery, carrot stick or something similar to go with it for extra nutrients and fibre, and you have brilliant "breakfast on the go"

Alternatively, see if you can find a recipe for a no added sugar breakfast cereal bar and make a batch ready for the week ahead, such as this one

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

My favourite 'go to' website for recipes is always BBC Good Food.  You'd think I have shares in it (I don't).  It's just experience.  I've never had a recipe of theirs not work.  The BBC Good Food Magazine is also excellent.

So, please excuse me if I send you there for the best healthy breakfast recipes ever for special occasions, when you have people to stay, or just any morning when there's plenty of time to treat yourself.  There's also plenty of recipes for muffins and bars that can be made in advance.

Of course, as I said earlier, everyone has their own idea of what a healthy breakfast should consist of, so read the ingredients list carefully to make sure it's your idea of a healthy combination

Click on the images below for more recipe ideas



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Healthy breakfast recipes

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More Healthy Breakfast Recipes

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet"  Abraham Lincoln

Much of the information on this website is either "googled" or out of the author's head and therefore not to be taken as advice.

It's all about food and food for thought, so trust your gut instinct and get some professional advice on diet if you think you need it

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