Healthy Breakfast Recipes

There are lots of differing ideas over what healthy food actually is.  To some it means low fat, to others high protein, but sticking to the theme of this website the recipe ideas below all follow the idea of eating real food.  So good wholesome food, tampered with as little as possible is surely the best way to take your first meal of the day.

Looking at it logically, if you want your breakfast to give you a good start then you should have a bit of everything of the basic dietary needs. So that means protein, carbohydrates, fats.  Avoid salt and definitely avoid sugar which will just give you a big blood sugar slump mid morning, sending you rushing to the vending machine or staffroom to see if anyone has left any cake lying around.

Cereal is a big tradition in a lot of the western world but can be really really bad.  Laden with sugar and more salt than the sea in some cases.  If you want cereal then try to find the most wholesome there is.  They are hard to find.  Shredded wheat has only wheat in it, which is pretty good, but avoid any with additives. muesli and porridge are usually pretty good but still look at the ingredients.  Remember it is the added ingredients such as fat sugar and preservatives that you have to be careful about because they make for a totally unbalanced food product

Some Ideas For Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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