Healthy Easy Recipes

Healthy easy recipes are high on the agenda for many people in this age of busy schedules and then there's the social pressures on top of that of eating the right way.

However, a hectic life and eating healthily don't easily go together.

Many people you will hear say that they haven't got the time to cook healthy meals, but I've been thinking about this recently and maybe its not actually lack of time that is the problem.  It's not laziness either.

After a hard day at work it is so easy to collapse onto the settee and just stare into space, watch a film, doodle while you gossip on the phone, listen to music, have a bit of a nap after a night of insomnia, spend hours on social media......  Why?  because you need to, that's why

There's too much in your head.  These are all things that give your head a rest by filling it with blankness. In other words, our lives and therefore our heads are just too full already with our daily busy-ness.  There's no room left in a full head to think, plan and schedule proper meals.

It takes time and energy to go round a supermarket to buy ready made food, so it's not the time that is the problem - the truth is that with everything else in our day we just don't want to add food preparation to our buzzing heads.

It may not be all that much quicker to feed yourself on ready made meals, but it's less to have to think about. But it doesn't have to be so

Choosing Healthy Easy Recipes

There is a way around this which will take some initial effort and  planning, and that is to keep a small file of quick and easy recipes that you like.  Recipes with only a few ingredients and that don't need too much thought in their preparation.  Build it up as you go along, but keep to just a basic number of meals that you found easy to prepare without much thought

Keep using these favourites and soon they will be in your memory and you will know exactly what to buy and how to make it without referring to the instructions. The more you do this, the easier it will get and the less thought you will have to put into your cooking.  In other words, you soon will not have to think about them

Have a minimum of 7 (one for each day of the week) but obviously more variety is nicer.  you can of course still have some lazy days when you buy a takeaway.

So, make your choices to be not just good healthy recipe ideas, but also as simple as possible, with not too many ingredients and with a fuss free method.

Healthy Easy Recipes - Just to get you started

A few places you might find what you're looking for:

Best quick and healthy recipes ready in under 30 minutes

BBC good food quick and healthy recipes

Tesco real food

Healthy easy recipes - October 2019

and if you can't find something simple enough.......

 ........... then just simplify it.

For instance, this rather tasty looking salmon burger has several ingredients but when you think about it, its one raw salmon fillet per person with some herbs and spices. That's easy enough to remember.  And if you haven't got a food processor, a simple cheap hand blender will do the job nicely.

chickpea pate - for a good healthy lunch (easier than hummus to make)



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healthy easy recipes

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