Healthy Recipes for Kids

Finding healthy recipes for kids that they will actually eat can be a bit of a problem

So, what's the biggest problem when it comes to feeding kids?  Why, vegetables of course.

Why would you choose this......

When you've already acquired a taste for something like this.......

Most kids are not really very fond of vegetables and most parents find this very frustrating and it's very easy to give up.

There's not a lot you can do about it.  You can't force feed a child. Well I suppose you could, but, one, it would out them off for life, and two, you might find social services chasing you.

Personally, I didn't let it worry me too much and just used whatever methods I could to add fruit and veg into my kids diets by sneaky methods.

My favourite is to incorporate a variety of other vegetables into mashed potato.  Most kids like a plate of mash.

See the  following video to give you an idea

You often see foody ideas for kids that suggest making various shapes, patterns and pictures out of food in an attempt to get a child interested.

Hmmm, in my experience this only works if the child likes the food anyway.  My most favourite book on rearing children is called "The Sixty Minute Mother" (US Sixty Minute Mother) which has a wonderful quote in it.  I can't remember it properly but it went something like.  "You can make a face with broccoli hair and carrot eyes, but the child isn't fooled.  They know what broccoli is"

Sometimes you might call things by a different name.  My mother could not get me to eat sprouts, not even by calling them fairy cabbages. No, I wasn't fooled either.

So by far the best way is by stealth, involving disguise.

Take the bad food that kids like and make them good, or at least better

Ideas for Healthy Recipes for Kids

Let's begin with pizza! Probably the tastiest, most addictive, most calorific, most unhealthy food on the planet.  Loved by children and adults alike.  Can a pizza be made healthy? Take a look at the  BBC Good Food website and decide for yourself.

The next most popular has got to be the burger and here's an interesting idea for a burger  with hidden vegetables on the Healthy Little Foodies website where you'll find lots of other ideas too

The BBC Good Food website also has a good selection of healthy burger recipes

And what about chips and crisps? (Fries and chips if you are American).  Not really altogether possible to find what would be considered a completely healthy version, but some options are better than others

Don't know about you, but if I'm having chips (fries) they just have to be deep fried.  Oven baked is the way for a healthier lower calorie option, but for me they just don't hit the spot.  Nevertheless, maybe they might just tickle your taste buds or those of your little rascals : )

Sometimes, not always, simply getting kids involved in cooking is a huge step towards them eating good meals

Have you tried..............

 ......banana ice cream?

It's a real game changer for healthy desserts for kids

Crazily - the only ingredient is banana - absolutley nothing else needed and it's so sweet and creamy and tasty.  You can of course add other flavours like chocolate and strawberry

Click on the link below to learn more

healthy banana ice cream

And by varying the flavours you can make a delicious healthy ice cream sundae

 .......or banana oat cookies?

see those oaty sticks in the sundae above?  bananas again.  Just bananas and oats.

Learn how to make them - and add some berries if you like:

healthy oat and banana cookies

chickpea pate - easier and quicker, even healthier (no added fat) than hummus, but just as tasty

Quick and tasty butterbean mash



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More healthy recipes for kids

More healthy recipes for kids

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