How to Cook Mackeral

Before we get onto the subject of how to cook mackeral - a brief warning

Make no mistake, this is seriously stinky fish.  Open the doors and windows and make sure the pan is cleaned well after use.

It is also seriously tasty and nutritious and surprisingly cheap.

I can remember as a child going mackeral fishing on holiday in Cornwall. It was brilliant fun (once you found a shoal)  All that was needed for bait was a slither of aluminium foil.  The mackeral thought the foil was a tiny fish.  We were reeling them in.  My mother cooked them whole under the grill, making diagonal cuts in the flesh to ensure they were cooked to the centre.

Now I have no doubt that if she had bought them from a fishmonger I would have turned my nose up at them, but because I had helped catch them I thought they were delicious and have liked them ever since.

However if you are doing your hunter gathering at the local market rather than from a boat, it is wise to have your mackeral filleted.  It makes life so much easier

Although I would usually say that fresh food is always far better, I do admit to preferring tinned mackerel.  There's less smell, there's no danger of getting a bone stuck in your throat, your rubbish bin (trash can) won't stink out the neighbourhood for days and they are still tasty from a tin.  Just watch for added stuff such as salt and oil.  You also get extra calcium from tinned fish because the bones and skin are soft and more edible

Now watch this video and see how easy fresh mackerel are to cook and eat.  They only take a few minutes in a hot buttery pan.  Don't forget that they are also great for barbeques.

Video - how to cook mackeral

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