Lamb Breast Recipe

This lamb breast recipe is cooked in a small crockpot (slow cooker) and couldn't be simpler.

You could also cook it in an oven in a lidded container on a low heat

You will need a boned and rolled lamb breast joint and some chopped, preferably fresh, herbs.

The slow cooker used here is quite small, so the joint only just fits in.  but that's fine because it will shrink as it cooks

Add some salt and pepper too to your taste - just a few twists are enough, then sprinkle with the herbs.  Rosemary and mint have been used in the photo

Put on the lid and cook on a low setting

Turn it on first thing in the morning, go about your daily tasks and it will be ready for your early evening meal

You will need a well sharpened knife, especially if the joint is still hot

Slice the joint.....

And serve with potatoes, vegetables and gravy

A little fresh mint sauce is a good addition


Lamb breast recipe for soup

Don't let the meat juices go to waste

There's going to be a large quantity of fat in those juices, so pour into a container and leave in the fridge for the fat to harden.

Discard the fat, or you can use it for, baking, greasing, frying or even as dripping on toast if you fancy that sort of thing

The remaining juices can be made into gravy or soup

boil up some root vegetables and a stock cube in the meat juice topped up with water if necessary.  You can also add the herbs scraped off the top of the meat if you like.  

Then blend into a smooth tasty soup

The soup here was made using a 'soup maker'



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More ways with breast of lamb

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