Low Calorie Breakfast

If you are looking for a low calorie breakfast then you are very likely looking to be able to lose weight.

The big question here really is satisfaction.  Breakfast is supposed to set you up for the day and a breakfast of just 100 calories or so is very unlikely to do that.

Low Calorie Breakfast and the Big Debate

7th October 2019

Ok so there's a lot of big debates that are far more important than breakfast to be worrying about, but no doubt, like the present subject of Brexit, the question of breakfast is a divisive one.

And the biggest question about breakfast is whether to have breakfast first thing in the morning or not.  Well, when else do you have breakfast?  Breakfast is a first thing in the morning meal. 

The word obviously literally means to break a fast.  In other words after not eating all night it's time to eat, so it doesn't necessarily mean a meal eaten in the morning, but the first meal of the day.

I personally have got into the habit of having my first meal at midday (mostly)

Which brings us to the main debate about breakfast, which is whether to have a breakfast or not.

If you are on a diet then you can't get fewer calories in a meal than no calories (yes ok, there is that thing where you can eat certain foods and actually use more calories to digest them than are actually in them - don't know about you but I'd get a bit fed up of meals consisting of lettuce and celery sticks)

It's just that in my personal experience, no calories is better than low calorie because once I start eating if I haven't had quite enough to satisfy, I'll continue having little low calorie snacks throughout the day which actually add up to quite a lot.

Besides this, it has been proven that fasting is good for you in many ways, including losing weight.

In my opinion and experience (but who am I? and you might be different) If you are going to have breakfast, make it a good nutrition one that will satisfy you, with all the ingredients you need to live - carbs, fats, protein, fibre, micronutrients and liquid - and if that doesn't send you to sleep, at least you shouldn't want to snack until lunchtime or beyond.

But just take a moment to think about this in the natural sense, if you had to go out and hunt and forage for your food, just looking at human nature will tell you that no-one would make much of an effort at this difficult task until they were hungry enough for it to be starting to be a life and death situation, and by the time you caught or found your food you would be ravenous.  So maybe that is the way to go about eating


If you are still insistent that a low calorie breakfast is what is right for you (and you know your own body and mind better than anyone) then here a a few websites that might interest you:

The BBC Good Food website is always a good choice with recipes that rarely fail

35 healthy breakfast ideas

and if you want your full English Breakfast and eat it - the skinny full English

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Low calorie breakfast

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