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Marks and Spencer Food - and the fight against food waste

I spotted this rather encouraging Marks and Spencer Food article in the Metro newspaper concerning their policy on food waste.

There is so much the big food suppliers could do to help the nation regarding food issues.  Sadly they do very little mostly because their actions are driven by economics rather than morality, which is fair enough because their business is to make money.  However, with the massive influence they have over what and how food is produced and what and how we as a nation eat, I personally think they do have a moral duty to do more for what is best and less for feeding our harmful food addictions.  And not just what is best for our tummys and our health, but also for the welfare of our animals and the good of our planet.

Nevertheless every little story and every tiny step in the right direction is ore than welcome

This little story is quite heart-warmingly  positive and something to celebrate.

Have a little read of it and see what you think.  Like what  you read?  Why not write to Marks and Spencers to thank them.  I think we need to show appreciation for these things to encourage our big food suppliers to do more of these kind of things

Having seen first hand, and with some disgust, the throwing away of vast amounts of bread in another certain supermarket, reading things like this is a breath of fresh air.  There are so many people who will benefit from policies such as this.  How can we, as a nation, throw food away when there are those who go hungry.  It is utterly and totally wrong.  Obviously the ins and outs of actually doing something about it are complicated, but I am sure it's not impossible.

Well done to Marks and Spencers for making a start

You can contact M and S here

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