A Note to the Chief Executive of a Large Local Hospital

23th April 2015

Contacted the chief executive of a large local hospital about obesity and the fact that the boss of the NHS had labelled obesity as the new smoking.  Now smoking has been totally banned from anywhere within the hospital grounds.  This has been a gradual process becoming more and more strict with time.  So I asked him if there were any plans to eradicate fattening addictive food in a similar way.

28th April 2015

No reply yet but interestingly I was listening to Call You and Yours on BBC Radio 4 during my lunch break.  The topic was teenage obesity.  The programme was made up of callers phoning and emailing etc., talking about their experiences plus some professionals in the studio.

One distraught man on the phone whose son had died, at a young age, of an obesity related cause, spoke of, and despaired of, hospital shops and how they are full from floor to ceiling with crisps and chocolate. 

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