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3rd January 2020

Plastic packaging is a problem and has been since it was discovered/invented.

Humans can be dirty messy wasteful beings generally, but one main problem with plastic in particular is that it has come from materials which should (in my opinion) never have been extracted from under the ground and therefore can never return to its natural state and is adding waste and chemicals to the environment which were never there to start with and don't naturally belong - thus upsetting the balance of nature. it can also as we are learning, cause many other problems.

below is a little blog sort of thing I am keeping (when I remember and have the time)  of any wee things I come across in my daily life

2nd January 2020

A trip to Sainsbury's this evening and I discovered that they have recently started to provide paper bags for loose bakery items instead of the previous plastic bags on a roll with tie handles

Happy news!

Shame the delicious items aren't organic though

On the same trip, quite accidentally I came across an item with very little plastic. Pizza is not something I buy often, but this Pizza Express one was on offer.  Opening it all up it was quite a pleasant surprise to find that the only plastic involved was what the actual pizza was wrapped in.  Obviously the cardboard would have some plastic coating to it, but the packaging was predominantly card - nice to see the disc under the pizza is not polystyrene

23rd September 2019

Concerns and actions about plastic packaging seem to be starting to snowball over the last year or so, and where previously concerns were mostly about food packaging, people are beginning to realise it's everywhere.

For some reason, the blame is being put on the shoulders of the consumers -  we need to stop throwing it away.  But what else are we supposed to do with it? Thankfully there are activists amongst us who are campaigning for manufacturers and suppliers to act, and act swiftly.  There really is no need for most of it, other than convenience and cost, but the ecological cost is far greater, and the problem is, businesses are driven, obviously, by economics.  Ecology takes a back seat.  They will only do something about it by pressure and/or legislation.  It's all to do with the love of money.

They will only change if they know its going to hit them in the pocket if they don't, which is very sad

Apparently we are supposed to be the most intelligent species on the planet, But but in many ways - apparently not.

The Abundance of Plastic Packaging...........

 ........... is astronomical.

Not only are most electrical goods made of plastic, they come encased in unnecessary quantities of polystyrene.

Sometimes the box is wrapped in plastic.  The cardboard that the box is made out of has a plastic coating.  Inside the box there is the polystyrene, and inside that, each component is again separately in little plastic bags. 

This is our fault.

We have no choice.  We need to protest.  Yes consumers need to change their habits, but how can we if there is no alternative?

There has been a very interesting campaign just recently, urging us to return plastic packaging to supermarkets in the hope that they will demand better of their suppliers and also start using far less plastic to package their own products.  You can hear about it here



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