Questions to Lidl

I put some questions to Lidl on 23rd April 2015, on their website. (or was it 24th or later?  I can't really remember)  

First I filled in their online questionnaire and answered their questions.

Here are a few screenshots of some of my answers.  Sorry they may be a bit small for you to read so I have transcribed them underneath

Are there any products that you can't get from Lidl that you wish you could?

Organic - the only organic products I can find are milk - sometimes, carrots onions and pasta

What stood out for you about the quality of the products in the store? Good or bad.

No better, no worse than more expensive supermarkets except for the fact there is little organic produce.

I like the fact that you offer reductions a few days before the sell by date instead of on the sell by date like other places do, so you know you can buy it and not have to use it within the space of a few hours.

I am sure this goes a long way towards reduction in food waste.

What can we do to improve your shopping experience?

More - many more - organically produced items

What could we change so you are able to do your full weekly shop with us?

I want to be able to buy all organic produce

Finally please tell us what stood out to you whilst shopping at Lidl, good or bad.

At other stores I see food at its sell by date being sold at half price or more.  People aren't buying much of it because it is not worth it when there is only a few hours to eat it.

I like it that you start reducing prices before the sell by date

Also I have seen other stores throw out bread by the sack load, whereas you only bake bread in small batches at a time meaning less waste.

The lack of organic produce also stood out.

Next, My Questions to Lidl

Next I went to the online contact form to ask my questions to Lidl directly

Again I have transcribed because it is difficult to read.

There is so much about your store that is brilliant.

You have brought cheap fresh food to us.

You minimise food waste.

Some of it is also organic.

I have  many friends who now shop at your store for these reasons.

I am on a mission to try to eat only what is best for my body including all organic.  Do you have any plans to decrease the "crap" in your stores such as sweet and chocolates and other mass produced unnecessary food and increase the good quality organic fresh products that are good for  your customers?

Regards, Shirley



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