Rice with Mushrooms

This rice with mushrooms is more of a meal idea than a recipe.  It's so simple and tasty (if you like mushrooms) and you can change it around to suit your own taste.

September 2022 - bagged myself a bargain, and wanting something cheap easy and flavoursome, I decided to keep it simple and flavoursome.  This turned out so tasty that  I know it's going to become a regular go-to easy meal

And it's vegan

I've added some very mild spices but you could use something a bit hotter if you like.

I also used onions because onions and mushrooms go so well together but of course you can omit them or swap for another easily fried vegetable such as courgette (zucchini), sliced celery or bell pepper

Rice with Mushrooms - the simple way

So really - this is basically fried mushrooms, with a few other additions, served up with rice.  But I 'fried' mine with no oil whatsoever, making it a tad healthier - and also good for keepin down the weight if that's what you need

Suggested ingredients for rice with mushrooms

This came about because I couldn't resist a bargain and these needed using up straight away - there was no time to look up a recipe

So this is what I used:

one small onion

smoked paprika

turmeric powder

a twist of salt and pepper

250g of mushrooms

Rice cooked according to the packet

a clove of garlic added to the rice

Making your rice and mushroom meal without oil....

 ...... is really very easy to do, especially if you have a good quality non-stick pan.

First put the rice on to cook.  If you are using the method in which all the water is absorbed into the rice, it is nice to add a chopped clove of garlic.   

Dice the onion and throw it into the hot pan.

Keep a bottle of water nearby and shake some of it in to prevent the vegetables from sticking. Then stir 'fry' them, frequently adding more wee splashes of water as you go.  You don't want your vegetables to be sitting and bubbling too much in water or they will be more like boiled onions, which isn't so nice.

Add a few good shakes of turmeric and smoked paprika after a couple of minutes with a couple of twists of salt and pepper. The dry spices will soak up a good deal of the water so be ready to add more water more frequently as you are stirring.

(Or just use oil if you prefer)

Then slice and add your mushrooms and cook for about 5 to 10 minutes until the veg has softened.

Once you are satisfied everything is cooked and browned enough, add a final dash of water to make sure your meal will not be too dry and just let it heat through for a few seconds before serving



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more ideas for rice with mushrooms

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