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20th May 2015

There are few retailers that deliver well in the real food stakes, but at the moment Sainsburys, for me, is the best I have shopped at.

Although the prices aren't the cheapest, they have the largest selection of "organic" produce.  However I do have concerns about the amount of food they waste since during one evening visit I witnessed unsold bread being thrown out by the sack load.

Anyway, today I received some interesting correspondence via snail mail.

With a little potted history inside

Some useful coupons which are actually all for stuff that I always buy anyway

sainsburys facial tissues

A wee page about Sainsbury's stand on deforestation.

That's good.

Which makes me think of us here in the UK.  We harp on about rainforests but think it's ok  to concrete over our own vegetation.  Also gone are our tiny fields with hedgrows so that more food can be produced.  This not only hasn't helped wildlife but I also wonder if that is why we suffer with flooding - there's less woody growth to drink up the water.

But I digress

All bananas are fair trade bananas - worth boasting about.  Now what we want to see is "All fruit and veg is organic"

Not long ago, Sainsbury's had several campaigns associated with a certain famous chef.  One of those campaigns was for the abolishment of eggs from caged hens.  As far as I know Sainsbury's have never sold eggs from caged hens since, although no doubt a multitude of such eggs are sold as cakes quiches mayonnaise and such like.

So if they can do this for hens I see no reason why not for organic produce and plastic packaging to while they're at it.

We can but hope and we can also vote with our feet, and pen and paper.

And the icing on the cake - so to speak
A Sainsburys recipe

A real food recipe!  Looks good but haven't tried it yet

This came as part of the leaflet.  If you fancy the look of it and have a go, let me know how it tastes, and how easy (or difficult) to make as there's not too many ingredients - although I prefer less, and only three stages in the method.

Post your comments below



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