Fillet of Sea Bass Recipe

Are you ready for this so simple sea bass recipe.  You couldn't get easier.  So simple you probably wouldn't even call it a recipe. 

Sea bass is so tasty and not too "fishy" if you are not a big fish fan.  It is a long time since I have had home cooked sea bass.  In fact, now I think about it, it was back in 1973 when, at 13 years old, I helped my Dad catch one on a secluded beach in South Wales.

He was a bit annoyed because he had been fishing all morning and caught nothing.  He asked me to hold the line for a minute while he messed about with something in his bag.  There was a pull on the line and I told him.  He kept telling me it was just the waves, but no it was a sea bass.

Of course, he had his photo taken with it, not me.

My favourite fresh fish to buy is actually usually mackeral because it is cheap, tasty and nutritious, but it can be a bit stinky.  This week, however, I got a bit adventurous, mostly because it was on offer.  I was surprised on opening the pack of sea bass fillets, to be met with quite a sweet pleasant aroma.  But then again, I am not exactly a hater of fish smells and am not ashamed of taking in deep luscious breaths at a fish market.  You are probably now thinking I am quite the nutter.

any way here it is ..........

...... The Fillet of Sea Bass Recipe

I can't tell a lie, it wasn't altogether my own idea.  It was this recipe that inspired me.  However I changed it for two reasons.  1 I knew my other half would complain about rosemary leaves being inedible.  I was also worried he might choke on one.  2. I really wasn't in the mood for faffing about making slits and stuffing rosemary in them.  I also didn't quite see the point of putting them in the oven.

So, to get the rosemary scent and flavour, I first sizzled plenty of sprigs in butter then moved them to one side and fried the fish, skin side down in the flavoured butter.  Very tasty!

Watch the video

Can someone please tell me why I gravitate towards peas most times we have fish? What is your favourite vegetable to eat with sea food?



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