Simple Chicken Recipes

chicken and vegetables

What else but Simple chicken recipes?  Why would anyone want to complicate this quick to cook and nutritious food?

KISS your chicken! (keep it simple stupid) and every chicken meal will be a delight to cook and eat

And of course in line with the subject of this website, keep it real - don't forget the chicken itself. 

Cheap Chicken - Is it worth it?

You'd be locked up if you let this happen to a dog, cat or horse in your care......

I am not a vegetarian but I do choose carefully and eat thankfully when I eat meat.  I hate to imagine that a creature's short existence has been a miserable one just for the sake of a meal.  Of course you can never be fully sure how a bird has been treated unless you rear them yourself.  All you can do is buy meat that holds the promise that the creature was allowed to do all the things that come naturally to it.

Too expensive you say? Really? You don't mind spending large sums of money on clothes, technology, transport and nights out.  Surely you can afford a few extra measly coins on the stuff that keeps you alive

Even better - go organic if you can.

You might also want to read this before you ever shop for chicken again, and also, cheap chicken - is it worth it?

So now, having chosen your chicken wisely...........

....... Here are your simple chicken recipes

chicken and basil

basil chicken easily make your own basil oil to dress this creamy chicken dish

salsa chicken - and oh my, this must be the easiest classiest chicken recipe you could find - easy peasy and impressive, no problem

crockpot chicken

crockpot chicken for when you can't be slaving over a hot stove

And if I live long enough there's .......................

   .......More simple chicken recipes to come:

healthy chicken recipes (t3 draft)

healthy chicken (t3 draft)

chicken recipes (t3 draft)


meat chickens

healthy chicken


good food chicken

low fat chicken recipes

slow cooker (t2 draft)

slow cooking (t3 draft)

easy chicken casserole recipes (t3 draft)

chicken pastel

chicken breast recipe

chicken and broccoli

chicken salads

simple chicken recipes

best chicken recipes

easy chicken recipes

chicken recipes

recipes for chicken

chicken curry recipe

chicken bake

chicken nutrition

chicken recipes easy

lemon chicken recipe

chicken salad recipes

chicken cookbook

chicken and dumpling

chicken and noodles

chicken stir fry recipes

chicken croquettes

chicken casserole recipes

baked chicken recipes

chicken soup recipe

chicken wings recipe

(also look up chicken rice and fried chicken in brainstormer to find keywords)

chicken cordon bleu recipe

chicken soup recipes

barbecue chicken recipes

chicken stir fry recipe

crock pot chicken recipes

chicken crock pot recipes

chicken and dumpling recipe

garlic chicken recipe

chicken noodle casserole

dirty chicken

crockpot chicken recipes

homemade chicken soup

baked chicken recipes

chicken casserole recipe

chicken smoothie

chicken salad dressing

tandoori chicken recipe

easy chicken breast recipes

chicken biryani

chicken pie recipe

chicken in wine

chicken chasseur

easy chicken salad

chicken stew recipe

roast chicken recipes

chicken pizza recipe

chicken curry recipes

curry chicken recipe

chicken chowder

chicken salad sandwiches

bbq chicken recipe

chicken fricassee

pineapple chicken

chicken spaghetti

barbecue chicken

chicken wraps

chicken tikka masala recipe

pineapple chicken recipe

spicy chicken recipes

chicken pasta salad recipe

chicken spaghetti recipe

chicken substitute

garlic chicken pizza

leftover chicken recipes

lemon chicken recipes

chicken quesadilla recipe

chicken thigh recipes

buttered chicken

chicken korma recipe

chicken marinade recipe

how to make chicken soup

chicken fingers recipe

whole chicken recipes

Italian chicken recipe

indian chicken recipe

chicken sandwich recipe

chicken pasta recipe

boneless chicken breast recipes

sweet and sour chicken recipe

chicken nuggets recipe

cashew chicken recipe

baked lemon chicken

bbq chicken recipes

Chinese chicken wings

easy chicken casserole

chicken appetizers

chicken chili recipe

chines chicken recipes

chicken wings recipes

baked chicken wings

roasted chicken recipe

drunken chicken

oven baked chicken

chicken tetrazzini

chicken breasts recipe

thai chicken salad

chicken paprika

baked chicken breast

chicken jalfrezi

chicken wing recipe

lemon pepper chicken

chicken stir fry

chicken a la king

balsamic chicken

greek chicken

chicken of the sea

stuffed chicken breasts

apricot chicken

Mediterranean chicken

chili chicken

stuffed chicken breast

chicken barbecue

barbecue chicken recipes

crockpot chicken recipe

chicken stir-fry recipe

spicy chicken recipe

chicken noodle soup recipes

chicken nutrition facts

chicken thighs recipe

barbecue chicken wings

spicy chicken curry

chicken dumpling soup

easy chicken recipe

teriyaki chicken wings

chicken and gravy

how to bake a chicken

easy baked chicken

barbecue chicken pizza

bbq chicken wings

chicken corn chowder

homemade chicken noodle soup

stir fried chicken

chicken stir fry

How long is this list?.............. simple chicken recipes - wish list

chicken vegetable soup

chicken with pineapple

chicken corn soup

spicy chicken wings

curried chicken salad

chicken noodles

mushroom chicken

pesto chicken

chicken casserole

chicken and dumplings

chicken soup

chicken wings

chicken salad

chicken broth

bbq chicken

chicken noodle

chicken curry

baked chicken

chicken wing

garlic chicken

chicken stew

creamy chicken

roasted chicken

chicken sandwich

chicken nuggets


chicken caesar

curried chicken

herbed chicken

stir-fried chicken

spiced chicken

chicken crock pot

chicken with lemon

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