The Cram Circuit

The cram circuit is a concept discussed by Dr Doug Lisle - Why we binge eat

And its a fascinating topic

Once you have watched and taken note of the video below - maybe it will give you the incentive to cut high calorie dense food out of your diet - even by a cold turkey method

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The cram circuit and why the way we are surrounded by certain "foods" is totally unnatural

According to Dr Doug Lisle, naturally speaking, high calorie dense food would not normally be readily available day to day.  But we have surrounded ourselves with it. 

This is my take on it - I hope I do it justice - but do watch the video above to hear the full story

Any food over 150 kcal per 100g would be considered a high calorie dense food.  The calorie count of some foods is extremely high - meat, oils and fats, sugars being the worst.  naturally speaking we would not come across these foods often or without a great deal of hard work.  And naturally speaking when we do we would make the most of them and eat as much as possible - in fact we would have a tendency to cram the food in until we are overstuffed if there is enough of it.  This is a survival mechanism - who knows when we might come across such food again? 

Unfortunately in modern times this type of food is far from rare.  For some people it is a staple diet.  And unfortunately the manufacturers of many of these foods do their level best to make them as addictive as possible - they even use their addictiveness as a selling point "so moreish"  "you can't have just one" "irresistable"

But the big problem comes when a "pavlov's dogs" conditioned response comes into play

The signal to overeat

Again, naturally speaking one such binge would not make a person a food addict

because there is no more high calorie food available.

But in our day the food is there all the time. so there is the possiblity to cram high calorie food every day. The stomach gets full, and the natural survival mechanism makes us eat more than we need for that day.  However after a while of doing this it becomes a habit - and the signal to eat more is actually the feel of a full stomach.  The full stomach becomes the "bell" as with pavlovs dogs that makes us salivate for more food

Clear? No?

As i said - do watch the video where Dr Lisle explains the cram circuit far more clearly

Dr Doug Lisle - the cram circuit



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the cram circuit

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