The Good Food Campaign

The good food campaign, or campaign for real food, if you like, is for the time being not really a campaign a battle or a fight.  It's not even a skirmish. In fact I would say it is more akin to a three year old thumping his fists on a sumo wrestler.

But you have to begin somewhere

The good food campaign
A note to a local hospital

And to begin the campaign, on 23rd April 2015 I have sent a note to the Chief Executive of a large local hospital concerning obesity and the food available on the hospital premises.

Questions to Lidl

Also on 24th April (or thereabouts)  I contacted Lidl concerning their food products, mostly enquiring if they were planning on stocking more organic stuff.



Asda Wonky Veg Box

March 2016  Asda has rolled out its wonky veg box to our local store and it's looking good

The British Heart Foundation (BHF).......

 ........ is campaigning against advertisements for  junk food, especially those aimed at children

Marks and Spencers and the fight against food waste

Any fight against food waste is very welcome.  Read how Marks and Spencers are making a step in the right direction

Reducing Plastic Packaging

campaigns for reducing plastic packaging

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