Vegan Recipes

Just a few ideas for some simple and tasty vegan recipes

When it comes to vegan recipes, is this the quickest, easiest, be proud to have cooked this from scratch, invite your friend round to join you , vegan recipe around.  You won't be disappointed  and neither will your mates when you make these  bhaji burgers

good vegan foods (blog)

Easy healthy vegan ice cream to make

vegan ice cream sundae


Of course you can often use vegan substitutes in vegetarian and meat recipes.  Remember however that vegetarian meat chees and egg substitutes are often, but not always, highly processed and therefore are not always necessarily a healthy substitute.  Vegan cheeses particularly are often have very little nutrition.  It's a good idea to always look at the labels for ingredients and particularly protein content

In some instances, surprisingly, you can just miss out the meat or cheese and maybe add some pulses for added protein and the meal will be just as (if not more) tasty.  For instance, this "cabbasta" recipe calls for a sprinkle of cheese on top, but omit the cheese and add some peas and you have a good tasty and nutritious vegan meal


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healthy muffins (t3 draft)

smoothie recipes (t3 draft)

healthy pasta (t3 draft)

cheese pizza (t3 draft)

risotto (t3 draft)

dairy free (t3 draft)

vegan nutrition (t3 draft)

vegetable juicing recipes (t3 draft)

slow cooker (t2 draft)

slow cooking (t3 draft)

gluten free vegan baking (t3 draft)

vegan baking (t3 draft)

cook books (t2draft)

vegan desserts (t3 draft)


It is of course quite possible to refer to vegetarian recipes (t2 draft), (or even meat recipes (t2 draft)) and try replacing non vegan ingredients with a vegan alternative, but these are often highly processed and unnatural

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More vegan recipes

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