Choosing a Weight Loss Plan

You want a weight loss plan that works and it seems like everyone has the answer, but no diet seems to have any permanent success.

I am not a weight loss expert, and I am not a weight loss guru who has all the answers.  but I do have decades of experience. as many others do, of yo-yo dieting and just getting fatter. I know what does not work. Every diet I've tried has worked, but only for a time.  I won't bore you with the long list, except to say that one in particular put me in hospital with a kidney stone that got stuck (2 operations and 3 CT scans in total)

It's been going on for around 30 years until I hit a massive 15.5 stone (that is 217 lb).  Yes, many people are much heavier than that, but that was my peak and is quite a weight for someone of about 5 foot 3 inches.

After a chance discovery of a low thyroid function,  I lost half a stone without trying once I'd been given medication.

My Own Weight Loss Plan - A Discovery of Other People's Discoveries

Then I came across a diet book in a charity sale for 50p.  It is called The Grumpy Dieter's Handbook

It made a mockery of every diet you can think of and a few made up ones too.  However, one diet stood out as maybe worth pursuing, (probably why the book was written) and that is the 5:2 fasting diet. I'd heard about it before but never took much notice

When searching for the book I noted that the author, Dr Michael Mosely, was about to publish a revised and better version, called the Fast 800 diet, very shortly in the new year of 2018/2019. So I ordered it, read it, followed the instructions and lost a stone within a month.  So I was down to 14 stone (196 lb)

All of Michael Mosley's writings are scientifically based.  He has also tested them himself and has amongst many other experiments and procedures, had MRI scans to prove the worth of the diet.

Also it's not all just about weight loss.  There are a multitude of other proven health benefits to intermittent fasting which is what the diet is about.

I would love to go into this weight loss plan more, but, well I could never explain is as well as it is set out in the book

You would do well to read his books, seriously....

For UK residents:

Fast 800 Diet

and the witty book that lead me to them:

The Grumpy Dieter's Handbook

For US residents:

Fast 800 Diet

The Grumpy Dieter's Handbook

You can also find help, encouragement, explanations, recipes and more at Dr Michael Mosley's fast 800 website


However, eventually I reached a sticking point...

 By September 2019 I gave up on dieting. I hadn't really put any more weight on, but it wasn't coming off 

I knew I needed more information.  Fasting is good, and I still do it occasionally, but something was still missing in finding the weight loss plan that gives the full answer.  Although fasting did work very well, it still didn't fully cure the binge eating.

Another Concept For a Weight Loss Plan

Around February 2020 I came across a video by a chap called Doug Lisle in which he described something he calls The Pleasure Trap.  it was a Tedx talk which I normally don't watch - they are so often on promishing sounding subjects but don't actually tell you an awful lot.  But for some reason - desperation maybe - I decided to watch this one.

It was quite an eye opener.  So I resolved to take some of the advice and began to keep an online diary to see how I did with it.  But as you very likely know, covid happened and I abandoned it, n fact - completely forgot about it.  The diary was left barely started.

and meanwhile.....

 ....about a  year later (March 2021), still determined to get to the bottom of the weight loss problem, I did some more searching and got really excited when I thought I finally found the answer in a book called "Never Binge Again"  It appeared that this book had the answer for giving up overeating in a very similar way that I gave up the smoking.  

That excitement was short lived.  There were some sticking points.  I went on the associated website to see if there was more information - (maybe another book?) that dealt with this.  I found that there was - and that it was a common sticking point, but I could not buy this information - it came as a free bonus if you pay to go on the course.   Funnel marketing?  You get the basic information, and lots of help for free (you can get the kindle book for free, but not the paperback)  but it's never quite enough.  There's help on the facebook page, but some of the stuff you really want to know about is only available if you've bought the course. Although there is a good FB support page. Nevertheless, the marketing method has put me off - makes me wonder if the information will ever be quite enough.  Is it just one of those weight loss schemes that keeps you always in need? - just like weightwatchers and slimming world?

 Take a look if you're intrigued and don't mind the marketing methods yourself.  It seems to have helped others to some degree. But what I noticed on the facebook page was that people were just adding one food after another to their 'never eat again' list which didn't seem at all helpful.

So that's that out of the way

Back to Doug Lisle

How many times have you heard say, or said yourself, "How come the tastiest foods are the ones that are bad for you?  I wish I would crave salad instead of chocolate" - well here is your answer...

Then I was reminded again about Doug Lisle, and started watching some more of his excellent videos and discovered 3 concepts that he explained which can sabotage any weight loss plan.

The Pleasure Trap

The Ego Trap

The Cram Circuit

You can look these up on youtube and I do show them on my pleasure trap diary page where I am keeping a record of how well or not these concepts have helped me.

The biggest eye opener was the Cram Circuit and I think that just having this knowledge of why we have such trouble with our weight, why we binge and why we cram high calorific food into our bodies and why we find it difficult to combat is empowering in itself

So if you want to follow and see how well I did/am doing visit my page on The Pleasure Trap

anothe thing to take into consideration is satiety and what foods best fill you up so you don't eat so much - worth a look and the answers will surprise you

The Pleasure Trap

The Ego Trap

The Cram Circuit

Recipes to Help With Your Weight Loss Plan

More weight loss plan ideas and recipe pages to come:

Healthy diet recipes (t3 draft)

Healthy desserts (t3 draft)

weight loss recipes (t3 draft)

healthy dessert (t3 draft)

low fat recipes? (a word about) (t3 draft)

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