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June 2017

You are looking for a weight loss plan?  Well don't look at me, because I am fat and grossly overweight.

But that does kind of make me a bit of an expert, surely, of what doesn't work.  Like most overweight people I have tried every diet going.  I've lost weight and put back on more than I have lost countless times and even ended up hospitalised by following a high protein diet. 

I used to be thin, like a twig, so what went wrong?

Well just a few weeks ago my daughter mentioned something which gave me a bit of a light bulb moment.  All these years - I mean about 25 years - of trying to lose weight and just getting fatter instead, and now the answer seems quite obvious. 

Would you like to enter into an experimental journey with me?

I am about 80% convinced it will work

I won't beat about the bush and make you read through reams of enticing stuff and then ask for money before telling what I am thinking. I'll get straight to the point and this is it:

We all have habits.  Like biting fingernails, twirling hair around our fingers, picking spots, making tutting noises, eating extra food.......  they can all be cured if we put our mind to it.  Pin down where your overeating habits are - in the car, just before bed, in between meals, during commercial breaks, not being able to stop eating when your evening meal ends, at the desk, after sex, unpacking the food shop - You will probably  have a few - and with perseverance it is possible to break these habits.

 Apparently it can take an average of 66 days to break an old habit and establish a new one.  Working on all our habits at once can be overwhelming and we give up.

So my plan is this - List my overeating moments and deal with them one at a time.  Once one is changed for good, start on the next.

For instance I can't resist the vending machine every time I pass it on work breaks, this could be one of my habits to break by saying no to the machine every time I pass it for the space of at least one month.

Do you think this makes sense?

I think it may be worth the try.  Follow me as I keep a bit of a diary - links below - and let's see if this damn well works!

I also have a theory about why we get into these bad habits in the first place and it all starts with the first diet we embark on:

You start the diet.  The diet has things missing in the attempt to reduce calories especially fat because fat has a lot of calories.  Taking out fat is one of the easiest ways to reduce calories.

You start off great, but then something happens.  Your body actually wants that fat.  it needs the fat and the nutrients that are in it.  So realising something is missing, your brain sends out hunger signals to try to get more of what it needs, even though you are stuffed to the eyeballs with food

Now let me point out here that this is not a scientific fact and I am neither a scientist nor a nutritionist nor a doctor - this is just my theory OK

So you get hungry and feel the need to overeat.  However, not wanting to spoil your diet you go for eating more of your diet food, and if you are following a diet that has "free food" you start to eat more and more of it.  The amount you eat becomes a habit, but still you are not satisfied because still you are not delivering to the body all of the stuff it needs, so in the end you find yourself "face down in a pile of doughnuts"  You are however now in the habit of eating more than is normal so you eat a larger quantity of the bad stuff than normal  and end up fatter than before.

So, at the same time as attempting to change my habits, I am going to keep it in mind to make meals as balanced as possible without getting too obsessed about it.  That's not too difficult. There are only a few elements and some foods contains more than one.  So: protein, carbohydrate, fat/oil, fibre and micronutrients in every main meal, and if someone invites me to eat with them, and the food is unbalanced, not to fret about it

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In the above photo taken in May 2015 I am 13st 7lb having just lost 7lb for the wedding I was attending. After this I put it all back on + more and shot up to my heaviest ever - 14st 5lb. 

Right now in June 2017 I am 14stone 12 lb

Updates on the Weight Loss Plan - The Diaries

Habit 1

A few more points

I would just like to point out that really this is not about healthy eating, although it is about eating healthy amounts.  I a not saying you don't have to eat healthily, but that it is not what we eat but how much that makes us put on weight.  However I do theorise that eating a balanced diet containing proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibre and micronutrients can help stave off the urges to overeat, because if something is missing then our hunger signals will not go away.

Also be careful over the concept of what is healthy.  I personally don't think a low fat diet is healthy.  Your body needs fats.

Think about it - how many people do you know that sit around all day seemingly munching on biscuits and never get fat?  A lot I bet. So although it is good and right to eat healthily it obviously has no bearing on how fat we are, but rather it is the quantity of food that makes us fat.

I gave up smoking

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