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You are looking for a weight loss plan?  Well don't look at me, because I am fat and grossly overweight.

But that does kind of make me a bit of an expert, surely, of what doesn't work.  Like most overweight people I have tried every diet going.  I've lost weight and put back on more than I have lost countless times.  I used to be thin, like a twig, so what went wrong?#

About 25 years of my adult life battling with my weight but just getting fatter I now have a theory.  I am about 80% convinced in my head that it will work.  I won't beat about the bush and make you read through reams before telling what I am thinking because I know what that's like and I don't want to waste your precious time, so this is it:

Regular eating of unbalanced meals make you crave for the stuff that is missing.  it may be good food you are eating but if carbs, fats, proteins or whatever are not there your body is going to scream out for them.

So you get hungry and overeat.  However, not wanting to spoil your diet you go for eating more of your diet food, and if you are following a diet that has "free food" you start to eat more and more of it.  The amount you eat becomes a habit, but still you are not satisfied so you end up "face down in a pile of doughnuts"  you are however now in the habit of eating more than usual so you eat a larger quantity than normal of the bad stuff and end up fatter than befrore  *************

Anyway, I thought you might like to follow me on a journey of discovery and let's see if we can crack this together once and for all.  Feel free to contact me with suggestions via our contact page, but please read this page first

January 2016

In the above photo taken in May 2015 I am 13st 7lb having just lost 7lb for the wedding I was attending. After this I put it all back on + more and shot up to my heaviest ever - 14st 5lb. 

Of course I just piled it all on again.  That's just par for the course really, but I am sure it need not be and I have a theory, but first, lets fast forward to the beginning of 2016 when I embarked on, yet another but this time slightly different high protein diet.  I was convinced that this was the way forward, even though it failed every time because it was glucose that originally made me fat

I was in for a vetry big shock

Watch this space!

However, do also take the warning further down under the 18th February 2016 heading and remember I am no expert.  Do take medical and/or professional advice before embarking on a diet.

Weight Loss Plan - the big question

Ah yes - the big question.  Are countless hoards of people who want to lose weight just plain stupid and lacking in willpower, or have the "experts" got it wrong?

I have read a book recently.  Now, I have ready many books on the subject and they all kind of seem to make sense, but this was the first time I have read a book and got this bink! lightbulb above the head! wow! clear mind, eureka moment.  That moment came when the author turned reasoning on its head.  I am not saying the rest of the book was brilliant, but, here it is.........


Let that sink in for a moment.  Not for one minute would we blame a child growing taller on the fact that it is eating too much.   They eat because their hormones are making them grow and they need the fuel to do this.  So why not the same with fat people?

Before I go any further, you need to know what this book is.

[ADDENDUM march 2016  I now don't agree with it all, particularly Mr Taubes insistence that protein should constitute the bulk of what we eat, because, as I found to my own detriment (explanation in feb-march 2016 below), this is very probably far from healthy.  From my painful experience, I now like to keep at the forefront of my mind that this is a low carb diet, not a high protein diet, and this is a fundamental mistake he has made in assuming that the one is the same as the other.  It is far too easy to look for substitutes for the lost carbs and end up eating far too much of another food instead which will just produce a different set of health problems.  For instance, using nut flours in place of grains to still be able to eat bready type stuff.  How on earth can eating so so many nuts, all ground up to make it easier to eat more than is natural, be normal and healthy dietary behaviour?  Instead I think it is better to replace naughty fattening carbs with better healthier carbs, such as replacing rice with cauliflower rice]

So, here are a few links to the book on Amazon.

Why we get fat by Gary Taubes - amazon kindle US

why we get fat by Gary Taubes - amazon hard copy US

why we get fat by Gary Taubes - amazon kindle UK

why we get fat by Gary Taubes - amazon hard copy UK

It is quite a long winded book and scientific and goes into a lot of other stuff about health, so feel free to read it yourself but will take a while.

However, I just want to get down to the nitty gritty which is this:

Basically, the gist of the book is this.  Insulin drives energy into storage.  Carbohydrates drive insulin.

This weight loss plan states that if you eat too many carbohydrates, especially the wrong sort, insulin is secreted into the blood to sort out the resulting high blood sugar.  This means that all the energy you consumed is packed away for future use and you get tired and can't be bothered with exercise because there is no fuel left to burn.  You also get hungry for the same reason.  So you flop in front of the TV with a pizza or a bowl of cornflakes or even a nice sweet sugary healthy apple and the cycle repeats.  You are sitting down dog tired and eating too much because your body is packing it all away on your thighs/tummy/chin and you have to do something to compensate.

Want to stop the cycle?  Totally cut out, or at least to a very minimal amount, sugar, flour (particularly white) - that includes pasta, bread and pizza - rice ( again, particularly white), potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Also cut back on other root vegetables and fruit, especially cut out out smoothies and juices.  You get far too big a dose of sugar in one go when you down a smoothie.  Milk?  that's meant for babies cut it back. Cut out alcohol - it is sugar.  Don't drink sugar.

Don't cut out the fat.  Eat plenty of protein (SEE ADDENDUM ABOVE) plus vegetables that are grown above ground.

Eat to your heart's content.  You will find you automatically eat less.

So that's it in a nutshell, but as I said, that I don't agree with all of it so....

More Updates on the Weight Loss Plan

2nd February 2016 The sudden life threatening condition of a loved one meant a night in accident and emergency , virtually no sleep, and a sudden change of diet to kitkats, crisps (potato chips) flapjacks, sausage, bacon and fluffy white toast slathered in butter.  Weight has shot up overnight to nearly 14 stone. 

Also an impending birthday where I have already promised myself some respite from my diet is coming up in a few days.

Why do diets always start tomorrow? and why are they always scuppered the moment they start?

18th February 2016 DIRE WARNING And a bit of a faltering in the weight loss planMy weight is stabilised which is good.  At least it has stopped creeping up.  However I was hospitalised a week ago with a kidney stone and I think that some aspect of this diet didn't help.  If I knew what sort of kidney stone it was it would help.  I have tried to keep this diet to being low carb rather than high protein - and there IS a difference - so I don't think that is the cause.  However, I do eat a lot of nuts and have eaten even more than usual recently.  Nuts are high in oxalates which are bad news for kidneys in high quantities.  However, I am not being put off and am looking for a way round this problem.

This does strengthen my belief in real food and eating stuff as it comes with as little tampering as possible.  It's just not natural for me to have eaten so many nuts, especially not ground up into a powder.  In a raw world it takes ages to pick and shell nuts never mind grind them up and we just wouldn't naturally be able to eat so many in one day, day after day.

So now..........

...........This is my own adapted version of this weight loss plan

The book recommends high protein.  I don't quite understand this.  The physiology is all about the carbs, so I intend to keep the protein at normal levels

Remember also - all things in moderation and don't overeat any one particular type of food as to do so is not a natural way of eating, as I found to my own detriment as you can see in my 18th February 2016 entry below

There is of course more to it than this, and you will have to read the book if you want to know it all, but basically that's it in a nutshell.

Also I might add that to me this is not about eating high protein.  it's more about cutting out the bad carbs and eating more good carbs and vegetables which don't get into the blood too quickly causing blood sugar spikes.


Try these low carbohydrate food ideas

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