The Asda Wonky Veg Box

March 2016 and the Asda has rolled out its wonky veg box to our local store and it's all good news

The veg was fresh and good and I really don't know what was supposed to be wrong with it.  Two enormous potatoes - probably considered to be too big for normal sale and one smaller one.  A huge amount of broken carrots which were perfectly usable and much much more.  It lasted 2 of us a week and a half and only cost £3.50

Wonky veg box - about time too

This should have been done a long time ago, but better late than never.  The amount of veg wasted just because it is the wrong size or shape is disgraceful.

All I want to see now is this done with organic veg and here is a screenshot of my plea to Asda

"I just wanted to say that I have recently bought a wonky-veg-box and it was magnificent.  It lasted the two of us for a week and a half and I was very pleased with it.  It is about time something like this was done to prevent waste.

My only problem is that I do prefer organic vegetables.  Do you think you could do an organic version?  I would be willing to pay twice the price, or receive half the veg if the contents were organic"

That was on 24th March 2016

Let's wait and see if I get a reply

This is the page I (eventually) found to send feedback to Asda in case you would like to do the same.  It wasn't the most appropriate means of contact but I couldn't find anywhere else. 

Maybe I will send a letter too


I received a reply on 1st April 2016  See screenshot below of the email

it says:

"Hey Shirley

Thanks very much for your positive feedback. It's much appreciated!

I fully agree with you, it's nice to see things are been done to reduce the amount of waste. I will be sure to pass your kind words onto our Buying Team who will be thrilled to hear our customers are supporting the Wonky Veg boxes we have recently introduced.

As of yet, organic vegetables isn't sometimes we are offering or considered. However, your idea is much appreciated. I will also share it with our Buying Team. Should they look to expand the range we offer in the future, your suggestions will be taken into account. Your feedback is much appreciated as it helps us understand what our customers want and allows us to make improvements where required.

I hope when shopping with us in the future you continue to like our products. Should you need anymore help regarding this matter, please give me or one of my colleagues a call on 0800 952 0101.

Best wishes

Jess "

So that's a teensy bit encouraging

I visited the store a couple of times since, and so has my daughter but neither of us have seen a any of these veg boxes since.  on my last visit, I asked an assistant who told me that they had only had 2 deliveries of the boxes and that they do not have any notice of when they are going to arrive.

it's a start

5th April 2016



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